10 Places Around the World Where the Sun Never Sets

The midnight sun is a gorgeous display that casts a permanent glow over various regions of the planet, making nature appear even odd. The breathtaking Arctic beauty of Hammerfest, Norway, the lava plains of Iceland, and the wild, lonely areas of Qaanaaq, Greenland, may all be found in these ten locations. There is also a dance between sunshine and pristine landscapes. When the sun shines, each destination has its incredible charm, whether you’re interested in the rich culture of Saint Petersburg, Russia, or the raw beauty of Barrow, Alaska. Travel with us to places where the sun never sets.

Hammerfest, Norway

Our first stop is Hammerfest in Norway, above the Arctic Circle. Its allure and breathtaking shore views make it a popular tourist destination. The town is noted for its lovely evening sun, which is always light outside from late May until late July. The sun’s warm rays transform the Arctic terrain into a breathtaking spectacle that creates unforgettable memories for those fortunate enough to witness it. Hammerfest is a stunning example of how incredible nature is. The lengthy days transform the Arctic landscape into a work of art.


Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The midnight sun shines on the land during the summer solstice, creating a magnificent view. Because of its high latitude, this superb island country receives continuous daylight. Travellers are mesmerized by a hypnotic exhibition of the stars as they move through the stunning landscapes filled with tremendous waterfalls, tall glaciers, and erupting geysers. Every discovery is transformed into a spectacular journey by the sun’s golden warmth and Iceland’s alien terrain, leaving a lasting impression of how light and nature interact.

Kiruna, Swedish Lapland

The Icehotel is the main attraction in this village in Swedish Lapland. It’s also the way to get to the beautiful Abisko National Park. In the summer, Kiruna is a great place for people who like being outside because it is always sunny there. People can enjoy this amazing place 24 hours a day by doing a variety of things, such as going on tours to see wildlife and energizing walks through pristine nature. The midnight sun makes Kiruna look like a northern paradise, making it hard to tell the difference between day and night. Those who are lucky enough to visit this Arctic gem will have an interesting and enjoyable time.

Nunavut, Canada

We get to Nunavut, Canada, after crossing the Atlantic. It is a huge Arctic tundra and island area. This summer, in some parts of Nunavut, the sun never goes down. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the Arctic landscape lit up all the time. People who love wildlife and want to be in the middle of nature will really enjoy this remote and untouched place.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Free photo palace square in saint petersburg

Our journey will take us to St. Petersburg, Russia, a city rich in history and culture. Because of its latitude, Saint Petersburg experiences “white nights” in the summer, when the sun scarcely sets. To commemorate this occasion, the White Nights Festival is held. While the daylight lasts longer, the city comes alive with music, art, and cultural activities.

Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard is the next stop. It is an island between the mainland of Norway and the North Pole. The midnight sun can be seen in Svalbard in the summer, which is a memorable experience. Bears, wolves, and other Arctic animals live on the island. In this faraway place, people can watch how ice and light interact, making an amazing show that shows how pure and beautiful the Arctic is.

Yukon Territory, Canada

As we move west through the Canadian Yukon, it becomes more interesting. People know it for its huge wilderness and interesting gold rush past. As the summer solstice gets closer, the Yukon gets brighter, giving tourists more time to explore its rough terrain. A lot of people want to go to Kluane National Park to see the famous Klondike Gold Rush trails and the park’s peaceful beauty. People who like to travel and be outside can find a world where history and natural beauty blend together in the Yukon.


The midnight sun is a stunning sight during the summer in Finland, a beautiful spot to visit. The land becomes a location that is always light outside due to its many lakes and dense trees. Outside, festivals and activities spring to life to honour the vibrant spirit that flows through Finland’s surroundings. Finland has much to offer, from the busy metropolis of Helsinki, with its modern attractiveness and cultural wealth, to the quiet serenity of the Lakeland region. After all, the sun never sets. This northern treasure is a must-see for everyone looking for an adventure that immerses them entirely, thanks to its distinct sense of vitality and proximity to nature.

Qaanaaq, Greenland

As our trip goes on, we reach Qaanaaq, Greenland, which is one of the northernmost towns in the world. In this faraway Arctic town, the light stays on for weeks during the summer solstice, giving the frozen landscape a surreal glow. Qaanaaq lets tourists see how Inuit people used to live and lets them become a part of a culture that is deeply connected to the Arctic.

Free photo aerial shot of colorful houses in aasiaat city, greenland

Barrow, Alaska

Barrow, Alaska, is the United States’ northernmost city. It becomes an intriguing spot to visit during the summer when the sun never sets. This continual brightness creates a unique atmosphere that entices you to explore the Arctic wildness that surrounds the town. Barrow is not just a lovely site to visit, but it is also a cultural tapestry rich in native heritage. Visitors can have a unique experience where nature and custom come together in a way that feels like they are part of the exact location, with ice and water as a backdrop.

Which Place Fascinates You The Most

The ten places where the sun never sets transport us to a world where it is always daylight, and the sun’s permanent presence enhances the beauty of nature. From the arctic tundra to cosmopolitan cities, each location displays this exceptional occurrence uniquely. The midnight sun, a dazzling patch of brightness that never sets, highlights Earth’s diverse landscapes and reminds us of the incredible things that occur on our planet. We experience an outstanding balance between the majesty of nature and the strength of people when we spend time in these bright locations, leaving an unforgettable mark on the fabric of our worldwide experiences. 

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