6 Ways to Leverage AI for Lead Generation

AI for lead generation process

Technology advancements have made it feasible for anyone to effortlessly generate high-quality leads by utilizing artificial intelligence and the appropriate tools.

Artificial Intelligence develops over time, enabling you to improve the efficiency of your lead generation process by closing gaps in real-time.

As prospects go from one stage of your sales funnel to the next, Artificial Intelligence enables you to develop effective plans and use various tools.

How do you do that?

Here is some advice that can help you generate leads with assistance from Artificial Intelligence.

1. Bots that chat

Since its creation in 1966, chatbots have advanced significantly. Now you can communicate with your website visitors, improve their user experience, and turn them into quality leads by using this technology.

There are several ways for people to learn about brands, including search engines, forums, social media, and referral links. When people arrive on your website, most are unsure what they’re looking for. You are the one who guides them and enables them to discover the solutions they need.

Imagine your website receiving an average of a thousand visitors per day. You and your staff can only amuse so many people at once. Not to mention that it can be tedious and draining to respond to a thousand people’s questions each day. That is where chatbots come in place with auto responses to give the attention to your clients.

Chatbots can help in this situation. Consider the bots as a competent team of customer service agents who are on call around the clock and able to provide the proper responses to the questions of thousands of visitors at once.

By assisting you in selecting the correct audience for your customized messaging, chatbots enable you to automate the lead creation process.

By using bots, you can give your goods or services a personality of their own and turn them into digital ambassadors. Enabling new levels of interaction between potential leads and your brand raises engagement.

2. Tools with AI-Powered Content

The content is king. That cannot be disputed. Approximately 87 percent of visionaries view content as the cornerstone of their marketing plan. An effective content strategy enables you to increase website traffic, inform your target audience, and turn website visitors into qualified leads.

You may address the various needs of your target audience, increase awareness, and convert website visitors into qualified leads with well-written and focused content.

It might occasionally be overwhelming to produce material continuously, especially if you’re starting. However, you can produce excellent content, including blogs, landing pages, and more, without even breaking a sweat, thanks to AI-powered content tools.

AI-powered content tools

3. Computer Learning

Finding the best leads is never simple. Your website may have hundreds of thousands of daily visitors, making it challenging to narrow down the ideal target market.

Approximately 80% of customers are more likely to favor a business that provides them with individualized experiences. You can use machine learning to examine the demands of future clients and to assist in developing data-driven, specialized targeting strategies.

You may filter out unwanted traffic using machine learning and concentrate only on promising prospects. While manually identifying the leads is acceptable, it is more prone to bias and human mistakes. The process can be time-consuming and exhausting, not to mention exhausting.

With the use of AI, you can automate the lead-generating process while using predictive data to guide your choices. By doing this, you can use the time that would have been used for manual shortlisting to nurture prospects and help them advance to the next stage of your sales funnel.

AI increases the effectiveness of your sales funnels by assisting you in immediately eliminating any unqualified leads, simplifying the lead creation process.

4. Automating Lead Scoring

Most likely, you adhere to a lead scoring model. But can it change with every touchpoint in real-time?

Using artificial intelligence, you may create a smart lead scoring system that takes into account both the successes and failures of the past.

Artificial Intelligence does not have the propensity to make the same error twice. It improves as it learns, adjusts, and grows. To assist you in realizing the ideal conversion rates, it continuously optimizes the lead scoring factors.

Your conversion data and other crucial indicators are analyzed by a lead scoring system driven by AI. And after every upgrade, you get better, more optimized outcomes than before.

automated lead scoring system

5. Tools for Tracking Intent

Did you know that the e-commerce sector alone experiences losses in sales from cart abandonment totaling $4.6 trillion in a single year?

Not every visitor to your website enters the sales funnel. People frequently leave the website without taking any further action. But you can turn them into quality leads if you have the correct tools and plan in place.

How many times have pop-ups surprised you just as you were about to leave a particular website?

That is intent tracking software performing at its highest level. Using the intent monitoring technology, you may create custom campaigns and retarget website visitors.

Here, the objective is to either increase a user’s time on the website or move them deeper into the sales process. Everything is dependent on your marketing plan. The procedure is only made more accessible by the intent tracking technologies.

6. Email Drips

Did you know that email marketing can produce an ROI of up to 4,400%?

Given that email personalization can raise open rates by about 26%, timing and messaging are two of the critical elements that determine whether an email campaign is successful or unsuccessful.

You may build tailored drip sequences that are optimized based on user demographics, their contact with your site, historical purchasing behavior, and other crucial variables if you have the correct tools in place.

AI-powered email drips assist in maintaining lead engagement and facilitating their smooth descent through the sales funnel.

These were a few ways to use AI to generate leads. Keep in mind that their implications may differ depending on the industry. One way is not less important than the other despite this.

What do you think?

Written by Shivam Pal

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