A Guide to Revamp Your Garden Landscape

A guide to Revamp Your Garden Landscape

Landscaping is exactly what brings the curve appeal to your home! The front yard leading to your doorway is what your visitors will notice first; the view out the back can enhance the aura of interior spaces. Appropriate landscaping not just maintains your home aesthetics but also mirrors your taste and style. Thus to increase the value and overall aesthetic appearance of your home, you must prioritise working on landscaping. Well, the DIYer inside you is already excited to grab trowels, tillers and shovels, but hold on! Before you actually start, be mindful of a few things. In this beautiful landscaping guide, we are going to cover the following:

  • Common mistakes to avoid while garden landscaping
  • Tools you need for garden landscaping
  • The DIY ideas to garner alluring garden landscaping

So let’s get started…

Mistakes to avoid while garden landscaping

Kaleidoscopic flower beds, curvaceous hedges, and a lush green Zoysia are the elements that define perfect landscaping. Converting bare space into a captivating and comely oasis is indeed a viable DIY task! Still, creating captivating garden premises around your home can take a lot of sweat equity. Moreover, you need to be aware of gardening practices. Despite learning what to do, you must consider what not to do; so here are the common mistals many DIYer gardeners fall into;

Lack of a field plan in your hand

No matter how big or small your yard is, making a plan is the first thing you must begin with. If nothing, at least grab a paper and pencil before breaking out the shovels, and draw a map of your garden. This preliminary blueprint will save you a headache later in the landscaping process; it reflects a rough idea of how the yard will look when it comes to life. Making changes in the plans now on paper is much better and easier than digging up the plants and the ground later; what say? So do it!

Not choosing the plants according to the garden’s microclimate

Overlooking the garden’s microclimate when it comes to choosing the greens is a common error many homeowners make. You must know what kind of plants, trees, flowers, and fruits you can actually grow in the comfort of your yard. Other than that, factors like shade, sunlight, soil, flowering time, environment, climate, and weather also count; be wise here!

Mulching inappropriately or mowing too low

Cutting the grass too short is the peak mistake that thwarts landscapers everywhere. Mowing the lawn grass too low slices off the food-producing leaf edges can temporarily stop root growth. Also, when it comes to mulching, you must consider the best way to preserve soil moisture. Don’t leave heaps of mulch in garden beds or around tree trunks; extra mulch can also suffocate roots.

Tools you need for garden landscaping

Garden tools are crafted keeping home gardeners in mind; this helps them maintain the garden easily and efficiently. These tools are meant to accomplish tasks like; digging, mowing, planting, pruning, and mulching. Using the right tool not only saves your time, money, and energy but makes gardening a delightful experience. Before heading to landscaping, here’s the list of tools you must equip yourself with.

Bucket and basket

A good bucket and basket are essential for transporting stuff from here to there. Both are perfect for;

  • Holding and carrying fresh-cut flowers, fruits, and vegetables
  • Caddying hand tools to the beds and borders of the garden
  • Carrying compost or mulch for spreading on the garden beds

Cultivators: Shovels, garden forks, spades

The cultivating tools are generally required for;

  • Breaking up soil and dislodging small rocks in the garden 
  • Loosening vegetables for harvest
  • Mixing in soil amendments and removing weeds

Some extra gardening tools you can add to the list are;

  • Padded Kneelers
  • Gardening Gloves
  • garden cart
  • Gardening Scissors
  • Gardening Knife 
  • Pruners
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Gardening Boots
  • Gardening Hose
  • Watering Can
  • Watering Wands
  • Sprinklers 

DIY ideas to garner alluring garden landscaping

We all want to have the outdoor space of our dreams; what say? Looking at your barren yard, you always imagine a ground covered with a lush green Zoysia blanket… A rustic swing or probably a small seating area. 

Fancy that you have your small oasis right in front of your home where butterflies bring movement and beauty to it. Oh goodness! You can’t wait to create one, and you don’t even have to. I guess you have your own ideas in your head, but if not… Then here are a few ways you can make your garden a piece of art.

Every square inch counts

Making a landscaping plan in such a way that every square inch of your yard is used properly. Consider spacing, symmetry, and adding elements like water bodies, fountains, flower greens, and a seating area. Working on a small backyard is all about taking advantage of every inch, and if you are keen to follow some specific theme, you think about the following;

  • A stony theme: for the love of mountains
  • A Floral show: like the Butchart garden
  • A patio: to give a luxurious touch 
  • A rock garden: to give it an antique touch
  • A tropical garden: for a forest-like feel
  • An Asian garden: a Chinese and Japanese gardening style

Create an appealing alley 

Whether aligned with some greens or with some lilies, a narrow alley  increases the beauty of your yard, created right opposite the calming fountain. Just like a picket fence, a slightly curvy walkway or alley always adds quirkiness to make your home and garden feel unique. 

To create that alley, use materials of some age, probably reclaimed brick pavers, rocks, or well-worn stone. An alley is more like a pathway where you can walk and cherish the beauty of your garden anytime is indeed always worthwhile. 

Let the walls and entrance be more inviting

Hanging ferns, flowering vines or a crown of roses embellishing the walls and the doorways always bring bliss to your garden. Just in case you don’t have space for keeping flower pots, use window boxes to put up a variety of flowers and bring a lively appeal. And with a small front garden, you can let the entrance act as the focal point. 

Crown of handing roses can bring a romantic-looking curb appeal to your home, which is no less than a castle! This sort of landscaping can eventually sling the yard to the envy of your neighbourhood.🤪

Finish it by adding…

Welcoming porches or a swing to hang in 

Who doesn’t like loafing on a relaxing swing, or reclining on garden chairs, right between flowers and fountains? Adding a seating area is a must to make a perfect garden; this can be the right welcoming place for your visitors!   

Besides this, keep the entire landscaping tidy and subtle, and create a pergola if needed… Let the symmetry sing and enhance your garden with bling! I hope you like this piece of article. For more gardening ideas and tips, do write to us and help us know what we are missing out on. 

Happy gardening!

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Written by Vijeta Raghav

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