An Incredible Relationship Between Memes And Social Change

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Memes are being used in a wide range of situations. They help us connect and feel like we belong. Besides, they may be conversation openers and help you solve a disagreement or make a point. Memes also help us unwind as we explore and postpone to avoid disturbing news. They are a free source of entertainment that is always available. 

Moreover, memes can impact how we connect with others. Some aspects of meme culture have caused waves in our social fields that extend beyond the web. After all, every meme has a creator who intends to disseminate a viral message. It can be for pleasure or to persuade.

What impact do memes have on society? How do social changes influence meme evolution? Let’s talk about it for a minute.

Memes Cover Various Mediums And Types

Meme culture is becoming increasingly complicated as it spreads. Before the internet, memes were created from poems, cartoons, and catchphrases. Memes today refer to numerous aspects of society and are available in various formats.

The initial online memes were text or image-based. Images and text, however, are no longer the only options. Video memes are extremely popular. Besides, there are different types of memes. Some of the examples are listed below:

The Classics


There was a time when memes were nothing more than mascots. They were not jokes accompanied by amusing images. These are classic memes, and they will always hold a special place in meme enthusiasts’ hearts. Bitch Please memes, y u no memes, y u do dis memes, and phase memes are examples of these memes.

The Trenders


The trenders are the type of meme that define today’s generation. These often last for about a month and then fade away. Once exhausted, these memes are rarely seen again. These memes typically feature a circumstance or a celebrity who has done or said something the public has captured.

The One-Hit Wonders

These memes will only appear once, and they are incredible. The unfortunate aspect is that they never return. You have one shot to see it before it disappears. It is no longer there. You can see these memes again if you have them saved.

The Series


The series memes type is handcrafted or can be assembled into a single group. Meme giants such as 9GAG, Imgur, and others typically post these memes. These memes are either extraordinarily good or extremely horrible, with no in-between. However, you should note that these memes are amusing.

The Niche


These types of memes are only available to a selected group of people. Nonetheless, they are humorous, and you will laugh your organs out while reading them. People read the greatest amusing memes and share them with friends to make them laugh.

The Obscurity


There is one category of memes that makes no sense. Your reaction will be strange as well if you come across these memes. You will either laugh out loud or respond with “What?” and then laugh. You’ll laugh either way.

The Comics


These memes are made spontaneously and are completely fresh. Comics memes use cartoons or animated graphics. Most people love to see these memes and make their friends laugh.

Easy To Enter Meme Culture

Every meme reflects a certain cultural context. Besides that, memes are usually based on some information or opinion about the world. Some memes sprout in response to novels, cultural events, or music albums. Existing memes can also serve as a great foundation for creating new memes.

That being said, it’s wonderful that there are no prerequisites for producing a viral meme. Anyone with a few mouse clicks can become a meme generator. It is why this hobby is so popular among teenagers.

Also, meme culture does not necessitate any specialised technical understanding. You only need a simple picture or video editor tool to create a meme. Unlike many other creative fields, meme creation is usually free of charge.

Dark Humor Help Dealing Stressful Situations

While most memes are surreal in some way, they frequently address real-life circumstances. Popular meme subjects include relationship issues, poverty, parent-child conflicts, and more. There are additional memes concerning the stress of high school and university and working tiredness. 


Besides, memes can be a useful coping mechanism. They allow us to convey tough thoughts. There is also a sense of community. Sharing memes might help people feel like they are not alone in their troubles.

At the same time, there may be a disadvantage to using memes. It is possible to become numb to these issues. Memes can sometimes take the place of real talks that could lead to a solution.

Memes Behavioural Science

Memes are such a powerful and popular means of communication. There are at least three cognitive biases responsible for this. These are described below:

IKEA Effect

Co-creation is at the heart of meme culture. Memes are intended to be duplicated, re-contextualised, and remixed by other internet users. In addition to being entertaining, memes also play into the IKEA effect.

The IKEA effect is a behavioural bias that outlines how we over-invest in items we helped develop. When meme culture enables us to participate and create, it leverages the power of the IKEA effect: our participation makes us love memes even more.

Cognitive Load

One of the aspects of human psychology is that humans can manage so much information at once. This reality is known as the principle of cognitive load by behavioural scientists.

The cognitive load principle informs us that brain energy is a finite resource that depletes when we are expected to concentrate on a challenging activity. To conserve this valuable mental resource, we are predisposed to reject complexity. We seek simplicity whenever possible, even if it means sacrificing accuracy, integrity, or our long-term interests.

The attractiveness of memes becomes clear in light of this requirement for simplicity. Memes do not express a lot or too much at once. Memes carry a specific punch by focusing on a single concept.

Behavioural Contagion

Another distinguishing aspect of memes is their ability to spread quickly. The psychological support of behavioural contagion contributes to this virality. Don’t worry; this contagion has nothing to do with viruses. It relates to our fondness to replicate the behaviours of others around us.

On a Monday morning, for example, you may discover yourself yawning after noticing a colleague yawning at their workstation. And before you know it, the entire office is involved! That is behavioural contagion at work.

The human proclivity for mimicry adds fuel to the fire that is meme culture. Besides, memes get spread over the internet via retweets, cross-posting, and imitation. As a result, the most important measure of a meme’s success is the number of times it has been imitated online.

But Memes Can Be Damaging Too

It is crucial to remember that anyone can use memes to harass people as well. People can use them to spread hate speech and misinformation about various social groups.

There are numerous instances where an ironic meme has caused social harm. Some memes are used to instil fear in people. They can negatively impact campus culture at schools or institutions. Memes like this can generate talks about appropriate student behaviour outside the classroom.

In The End

Undoubtedly, memes are becoming popular these days. Everyone has a different point of view about using memes. If they can make you laugh, they also have the power to spread hate. Some regard memes as entirely irrelevant. Others believe memes are damaging to our ability to communicate.

However, memes are a communication tool utilised for various objectives. They can help to bring about constructive social change, but they can also harm others. It is critical to have a realistic understanding of the potential of memes as a communication medium.

What do you think?

Written by Vijeta Raghav

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