Full-Proof Ways to Overcome Extreme Work Pressure

Stress at work is common, but it is not because of work pressure only. It builds up from the beginning to the end of the day. Work pressure has serious health consequences, such as getting colds and flu often, leading to major heart disease and metabolic syndrome. 

A realistic approach to reducing stress at your current job is to have better management, focus on physical health, eat healthy, and more. 

Things that Might Cause Stress

  • Long working hours are the main cause of stress, so ensure you reach and leave the premises on time. 
  • Not taking leaves: Working even when you don’t feel good builds up stress. Take leaves when it is necessary and enjoy your life a bit.  
  • Not taking breaks: Frequent smaller breaks help you relax and increase productivity.  
  • Lack of energy: Skipping breakfast and other meals can cause a lack of energy. Low energy in the body can decrease your efficiency and build stress over time.

Let’s see how you can improve your work life and avoid stress.

Go to bed early 

You must get sufficient sleep at night to improve your morning routine. With mobile devices in hand, people often forget to track their time. It feels like a few minutes, but in reality, you have spent hours. The blue light emitted from mobile devices disrupts your sleep, and you find it hard to go to sleep quickly. 

Ensure you don’t use any electronic devices for half an hour before going to bed. This way, you will fall asleep quickly and recover your energy.

Improve Your Morning Routine

A good sleep cycle leads to an energetic morning start. You don’t feel sleepy and can skip morning coffee. Drinking coffee increases your blood pressure and anxiety, which leads to stress. So avoid morning coffee if you can, or choose decaffeinated coffee.

Ensure that you eat breakfast and don’t go to the office sipping coffee only. A good breakfast gives you the energy to keep going and keeps you relaxed while working. This way, you will enter the premises with a positive attitude, and stress will roll off your back easily.

Clear Objectives  

Unclear objectives at work can create disharmony and lead to frustration. Throughout the day, the frustration increases and turns into stress. It is necessary to understand your role in the organization and deliver work accordingly. 

If the role keeps changing and it abrupts your rhythm, get in touch with your supervisor or seniors. To get clear instructions and discuss strategies with them in the meets. This will help you relieve stress eventually.

No Conflicts

Interpersonal issues and conflicts in the office impact your physical and emotional health. The conflict’s intensity increases if co-workers do not try to avoid or resolve the issues. If the conflicts begin stressing you, you must avoid people who don’t work well with teams. 

But if conflict finds you anyway in the office, don’t be argumentative; talk facts and keep everything professional. Don’t gossip and share too much personal information or opinions with others. 

Be Comfortable   

Physical discomfort at work is another factor that causes stress. Where you perform all day should be relaxing and comfortable. If you are sitting on an uncomfortable chair, it will affect your posture and cause back pain. Because of this, you will be more reactive to stress and anxiety. Even small things will distract and cause frustration in you. 

If tension builds up, try relaxation strategies like taking deep breaths and closing your eyes for a few seconds. Do this frequently during work and keep yourself relaxed throughout the day. 

Mindfulness And Problem-Solving

Pay attention to what is emerging in the present moment with attentiveness and curiosity. Don’t think about the past and future too much, as it builds up stress when you are brooding about the future or holding grudges with the past. Be active and practise mindfulness with guided meditation and mindful walking.             

Problem-solving with brainstorming, developing action plans, testing and more can help you tackle roadblocks and challenges at work. Be open to facing new challenges; this way, you don’t see your work as a burden but as an opportunity to grow. 

Stay Organised And No Multitasking

Planning ahead will help you stay organised at work. If you reach the office on time, then you won’t be rushing to get things done. In the evening, you will leave the premises with completed tasks and ready to enjoy the evening. 

Multitasking can reduce your productivity and accuracy at work, leaving you with unfinished assignments at the end of the day. It might sound tempting to do multiple tasks at once, but it is not a realistic approach to achieve success at work. Choose cognitive strategies like chunking to divide work into different segments. This way, you will have a clear vision at work and no stress.    

Take a Walk And Listen to Music

Walk after having lunch in the office. This way, you won’t feel sleepy after eating. You can take short exercise breaks throughout the day. It will help you ease your mind and get into a better mood. It increases productivity, and those few minutes can help you achieve more at work. 

Music is one of the best remedies to relieve stress after a tough day at work. You can listen to music before, during, and after work according to your liking. Listen to music while you cook breakfast and on the way to the office so you enter the premises in high spirits.

No Work at Home 

Leave all your work-related worries on the premises and divert your mind to something else. Watch a movie, paint something, play with your pets, go out for a run, and more. This way, you get back to work with a refreshed mind and more energy.  


To handle your work life like a pro, you must follow the above-mentioned techniques. Tackle all situations with a calm and refreshed mind to avoid stress throughout your working hours. It will increase your working efficiency and productivity. This way, when you leave your office, there will be no worries in your mind.

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