How To Be Consistent At Working Out And Eating Healthy?

When it comes to working and eating healthy, consistency beats everything. Instead of working out more hours once or twice a week, try to be consistent for half an hour daily. No matter how busy you are, take out a small chunk of your time and invest it in your physical health.

Now comes the next part, eating healthy. If you do not eat the right food, then your workout will go in vain. Combine your workout with good food and eat at a specific time. Ensure you eat at least three meals a day, and if you feel hungry, then add afternoon and evening healthy snacks to your diet.

But the big question is how to be consistent at working out and eating healthy. There are numerous ways to achieve consistency in your workout and eating habits. Let’s have a look at these points to understand how you can do this.

Say No To Perfection 

Yes, you read it right, say no to perfection. This word alone can make you anxious and stressed out. It creates unnecessary pressure on you, which is not good for you in any aspect of life.

You already have a lot to do in your daily life. Go to work, attend meetings, look after your family, and more. There is so much going on in your life. And in most cases, you forget to look after yourself. You often give yourself an excuse that you have no time, and you won’t be able to achieve perfection in your workout. So let’s begin your workout with a little imperfection. Just try to do any exercise, like jogging, pushups, squats, etc., for 5 to 10 minutes a day at any time.

Mini Workout Sessions

As mentioned above, avoid being a perfectionist and begin working out randomly every day for 5 to 10 minutes. Once you achieve this part, try to do this workout at a specific time. You can do it in the morning or evening; it’s all your choice. If you feel like you don’t have much time, then it is alright. Just work out for 5 to 10 minutes and be consistent at it.

Within a few weeks, this workout will become your habit, as convincing yourself to do small tasks is easy. You don’t have to motivate yourself that much, and eventually, you can add more minutes to your workout.

Don’t Forget To Eat Healthy

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Perhaps eating healthy food all of a sudden can be a little tough. When you are habitual in eating pizza, burgers, ice cream, etc., it becomes more challenging. One way to adopt the habit of eating healthy is to stop eating out.

Cook for yourself and plan your meals. You don’t have to add fancy dishes to your meal; just eat regular homemade food. Make at least three meals for yourself, and do not eat outside. No matter how many times your friend asks you, be bold and say no for your own good.

Once you develop this habit, then you can add more healthy food items to your meals. This includes eggs, brown rice, fish, beans, fruits, vegetables, etc. The choice is yours; see what you like and add those items. This way, you don’t have to struggle to eat healthy. It also ends the temptation of eating out as you will enjoy eating healthy.

Set Achievable Goals 

Setting goals is very important in our lives. But often, we set unrealistic goals without a plan. Unrealistic goals lead to failure and waste of time. Instead of setting high goals, set measurable and achievable goals. You can set a long-term goal followed by multiple small goals. These small goals will eventually lead you to your final goal.

This is the mantra you need to follow to achieve your physical fitness goal. If your goal is to lose 35 lbs, then set a monthly goal. Let’s say you will lose only 3 lbs this month. Of course, it is an achievable goal, and with consistent workouts and eating healthy, you will lose 3 lbs. The next month you will feel more motivated and will be able to lose 4 to 5 lbs easily.

To ensure you stay on track, keep a record of your goals. Write down all goals and how much progress you made in a week or month.

Remember The Reason

What is your reason for working out every day? Ask this question to yourself every time you feel like not working out. Even if you don’t feel motivated, your reason can help you get up every day. Remember, motivation is temporary; if you want consistency, then you need discipline; there is no substitute.

Everyone has different reasons for working out, such as losing weight, self-improvement, better health, and more. Find your reason and keep reminding yourself what you need to achieve.

Improvise Your Workout

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There are some days we feel pumped up for working out, and there are times when we feel like doing nothing. This is a common aspect of working out every day. You can overcome this situation and work out. But sometimes, we feel like quitting everything. Stop working out and eating healthy. This situation can ruin your progress and routine. So, what to do when you find yourself in this situation? You have to improvise your workout and do stuff that you enjoy.

If you don’t like doing cardio, then go to a gym and lift weights. If you think cooking healthy food consumes too much time, then opt for meal delivery services. Ensure you order healthy food only. If you don’t like getting all sweaty, then go for a swim regularly. Remember, if you want consistency in your workout, you have to be innovative. Ask yourself what you love and mingle it with your workout.

Keep Your Gear Ready

Keep your workout gear ready, so you don’t waste time when it’s time to work out. If you do yoga daily, keep your yoga mat and clothes in one place. So you can quickly change and begin working out.

If you are a gym freak, then keep your gym shoes, bag, and clothes ready to go. Ensure you clean them after each workout session. This way, there will be no excuses for you to skip workout sessions.


When it comes to achieving fitness goals, consistency matters. You have to follow the slow and steady method, so you don’t feel burdened working out. It has to be fun and not forceful; otherwise, it will be tough for you to work out every day. Begin with activities that you like and keep working on them regularly. Also, combine your workout with healthy eating for the best results. This way, you will achieve consistency in your workout habits.

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