Important Tips To Shop Elegant Diamond Engagement Ring

Elegant Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring is a significant and exciting milestone in any couple’s life. It is not only a symbol of love and commitment but also a valuable investment. It is crucial to take the time to understand the different options available. Considering everything is vital to make an informed decision when buying an engagement ring.

Don’t stress about finding the perfect wedding ring. We have got your back with a user-friendly shopping guide to make the process a breeze. Here, you’ll get to know the tips you need to find a ring your love will treasure forever.

Things You Must Know Before Purchasing An Engagement Ring

You do not have to spend millions of dollars to get the best ring for your special day. All you have to do is clearly understand the important aspects that make this ring valuable. So, here are some evaluators that will help you decide the ideal one.

  1. Learn About All 4Cs

You may have heard of the “4 Cs” before, right? It’s the official diamond grading system that everyone talks about. But do you know what each “C” stands for? Let us break it down for you!


Although diamonds have many different hues, the most valuable ones are colorless. Diamonds are scaled on a scale of D (no color, most expensive) to Z (clear yellowish). Fancy colors like pink, yellow, or chocolate have gained popularity recently. For those, a stone’s value increases with color saturation. 


The term “cut” refers to a diamond’s dazzling quality. It describes the sparkle of brilliant round diamonds. We don’t mean shape by this term. To rank cuts, scientists use a brilliant round diamond’s ideal and precise proportions. These terms rank diamonds from exceptional to poor.


Even a stone that appears flawless can have inclusions, which are imperfections. These are minute black or white specks or lines that develop naturally. These flaws grow when the diamond develops over millions of years in the ground. The quantity, strength, and location of inclusions rate it. The clarity increases with inclusion size, number, and visibility.


The unit of weight used to weigh diamonds is the carat. 0.2 grams are equal to one carat. Although a difference of 0.1 carats between two diamonds won’t be visible to the naked eye, it will affect the price. Even a small difference in carat weight can have a great impact on a diamond’s price.

  1. Choose The Shape Of The Stone For Your Ring

Your choice of a diamond should reflect your personal style. It will also kick off your ring stack options. Here is a quick rundown of the most common shapes:

Oval: It is a good choice if you have long, slender fingers.

Asscher: An art deco emerald with a square shape.

Marquise: This long, tapering shape increases the size of the carat. Ideal for long and broad fingers.

Emerald: This gemstone’s broad facets display exceptional clarity.

Pear: A round-marquise hybrid appears even more fragile on a light, thin band.

Cushion: This antique design dates back to the 1800s and is mainly square with rounded corners.

Round: The most popular shape that best displays a diamond’s brilliance is round.

Princess: The broad, flat-top, and pyramidal design makes diamonds look lighter in weight.

Elegant Diamond Engagement Ring
  1. Decide Between Natural & Lab-Grown Diamonds

Two major factors differentiate natural and lab-grown stones, i.e., origin and cost. Natural gemstones are formed over billions of years and extracted through mining. In contrast, lab-grown stones are created by scientists in a laboratory in a matter of weeks. Because lab-grown gems are produced and supplied by man, they are generally 30-50% less expensive than mined gemstones.

Both natural and lab-grown stones are identical in terms of chemical and optical properties. When deciding on an engagement ring, it’s important to consider which option is right for you. A lab-created center stone may be the way to go if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option.

  1. Select The Metal Appropriately

Engagement rings and wedding bands are traditionally made from yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. However, rose gold has become a popular alternative in recent years. Platinum may look similar to silver, but it is more expensive as it is denser and rarer.

Some metals scratch more easily than others, so it’s important to consider your lifestyle and budget when deciding. Additionally, think about if you want stones set in the band(s) as well.

  1. Buy Certified Diamonds Only

Purchasing an engagement ring is a huge investment. Thus, it is important to take time and make a smart decision. Once you’ve found the perfect ring, ensure you get a certified diamond from a reputable laboratory. Some of them include the American Gem Society and the Gemological Institute of America.

As per expert Ira Weissman, creator of The Diamond Pro, diamonds certified by other labs may have inflated grades. This gives buyers the impression of a great deal when they’re getting a lower-quality diamond.

  1. Shop Smartly

When looking for a jeweler, it’s always a good idea to ask for recommendations from friends and family. If you need leads, look for stores that are affiliated with industry organizations. Check if they associate with Jewelers of America or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

You can also check out local jewelers in your area. Large and well-known chains are usually reliable and may have sales. Remember to find out what the store’s return policy is. It’s always better to know if you can exchange the stone if it’s not what you or your partner wants.

  1. Get Measured Correctly

It may seem obvious, but measuring your ring fingers is an important step before buying a ring. The ring should fit snugly but must offer full comfort. A ring that’s too tight can cut off circulation, and one that’s too loose is at risk of falling off. If you both are not shopping for engagement rings together, you can get your size measured at a jewelry store. Then you can tell your partner when he asks you or tell your BFF.

  1. Insurance To Protect Your Investment

Ring loss and theft can happen to anyone, and there are least chances of getting it back. Whether your engagement ring is worth $500 or $50,000, it’s important to protect it. Think not only about its financial value but also its sentimental value. There are two ways to insure a wedding ring: add it to your renters or a home insurance policy (called a ‘rider’). You can also get a policy through an insurance company specializing in jewelry. To insure your ring, you’ll need to provide receipts and an appraisal, which comes with a small fee.

Silver Diamond Ring


Choosing an engagement ring should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. Keeping the tips mentioned above in mind, you can confidently shop for an engagement ring. You’ll know what you’re looking for and avoid common traps and pitfalls. So, congratulations, now you know everything necessary before shopping for an engagement ring or wedding band.

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Written by Shivam Pal

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