The Secret Dating Trends No One Really Talks About

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The Covert Dating Trends Taking the World by Storm!

In the world of dating, things are always evolving and shifting towards online dating. From the rise of online dating to the emergence of swiping apps, it seems like every few years, there’s a new trend taking the scene by storm. But what about the dating trends that fly under the radar? The ones that are kept secret by those in the know? These covert trends are the ones I am here to explore. 

From cloaking to stashing, we’ll take a deep dive into the latest and greatest dating techniques that people are using to find love. Get ready to discover the secrets of the hottest dating trends and learn what you need to know to stay ahead of the game.

The Secret Dating Trends…

So You might have heard of Hesitating, Sober Dating, Situationships, and Ghosting, but have you ever come across new dating terms like—Spontaneous Dating and Spotifating yet? NOPE!

Just when you surmise you’ve figured it all out, the dating world will surely surprise you with the new terms. The new dating trends keep mushrooming every day! Get your hopes up, or don’t, while I will familiarize you with some of the latest dating trends. 

#Not-Really-Sober Dating

Recently sober dating or “dry dating” has been trending, right? No booze, being sober and not really looking for answers at the bottom of a bottle on dates. Sounds so mature, logical and placid; emphasizing deep conversations while putting a much-needed end to drunken disasters. 

Fair enough… I mean to make a real connection, one must not use stimulants and let that raw magic of humanness unfold. Blahhhh! 🥱

Yeah, Blow it! 

Nowadays, dating is vicious; people need to get zonked enough to end date nights drowning in drool. And for that, Not-Really-Sober Dating is the best option. It gives the tipsy charm of getting those butterflies with enough booze to knock you into the dream world. Hit the bottle, and fear not the legal department… It is totally fine. Maybe! 😉

#Virtual Dating

You might claim that it’s not a secret anymore that today people use virtual reality technology to create immersive and interactive dating experiences. Couples can go on virtual dates to exotic locations, attend virtual concerts, or even create and customize their own virtual worlds. This trend allows couples to explore their imagination and indulge in shared experiences without physically being together. Also, this dating trend entails…

Virtual Gift Giving: using technology to send virtual gifts to your partner, such as a playlist of your favorite songs or a custom video message to make them feel more connected, even if they are physically apart.

Spotifating is one of the sweetest examples of virtual dates! I mean, who won’t fall for the guy who just shared a Spotify playlist with all your favorite songs? Captivating it is that you just got a playlist with “all your songs,” But be careful, lady! 

Because that clever lothario might have “Spotifated” four other women already!

Yeah, I told ya! The recent dating trends are hellacious! 

#Slow Dating

This involves taking a more intentional approach to dating, focusing on building deeper connections over a longer period. It may involve activities like sharing meaningful conversations, trying new experiences together-taking time to get to know each other before becoming physically intimate. Talking about life, books, music, and all that jazz to understand the person! So, are you a slow dater, or have you just jumped for…

#Spontaneous Dating

Well, Spontaneous Dating and Eco-Dating goes hands in hands! This trend is all about being adventurous and trying new things. Couples may randomly decide to take a road trip, visit a new city, or participate in an adrenaline-fueled activity like bungee jumping or skydiving. This trend allows couples to break out of their comfort zones and bond over new and exciting experiences. 

Moreover, this trend involves couples passionate about environmental issues who try to incorporate eco-friendly activities into their dates. Things like hiking, bike rides, or visiting farmers’ markets to buy local and organic produce. This trend promotes environmental sustainability and allows couples to connect over shared values.

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This secret dating trend involves couples sharing glimpses of their daily lives with each other through the use of social media. They may send each other pictures or videos of themselves doing things like getting ready for the day, going to work, or enjoying their hobbies. 

This creates a sense of intimacy and helps the couple feel more connected even when they are apart. If you could relate to it, it is more like updating your partner on everything happening around you. 

It could be via sending snaps on Snapchat and keeping the Snapstreak going… Well, it’s nice if you are already “Sneakpeaking” someone; it’s healthy!

#Reciprocal Dating

This recent dating trend involves sharing the responsibility of planning and paying for dates between both partners instead of the traditional expectation—that only men pay for everything. It promotes a sense of equality and mutual respect in the relationship.

Isn’t it beautiful and bold to go beyond stereotypes? I mean, of course, you both are dating; it’s not one-way. It is nothing like belittling men for not being able to pay bills; trust me, men do appreciate this! Been there, done that.🙂


Put simply; 

“When you go out with three dates at once”

Setting up three dates for the same night because two out of the three will most likely cancel. Damn! Interesting… 

I mean, this is the best way to deal with flakiness and not be disappointed for not wearing the dress you bought for your date night, plus the booze! Oh Gosh… Again sorry; force of habit. Just kidding! 😝

Anyway, if you’re at that level of cynicism while planning dates, go for it! 

When in doubt, Tri-Dating, you must vouch! 

Hey, below here, I have enlisted other most common secret dating trends, which are Genzy concepts; 


I can call it a toxic dating trend that mirrors the idea where the person you’ve been dating has no plans of settling down with you. In lieu of that, they keep you along just to have a backup plan as they approach other people. Ultimately, you become a Cookie in their Jar, which they can skim into whenever they feel like it.


Exactly the way “Accommodating” sounds; Dating someone who owns a place to live. An accommodation is of greater priority, with this trend accomo-dating! Trust me, one out of five daters looks for someone who owns their own place today. 

Freckle Date 

Freckling is not dating someone with freckles but casually getting involved with someone over the long, balmy evenings and days of summer. Like the cuffing season is for winter, freckling is for summer! In this season-centric dating concept, a person seeks a partner during the warmer months of the year. Weird, right?🙄

Couple Showing Heart Sign

Anyway, I guess that’s enough screen time for today.

If you think you might know some dating trends or have made your own, I would love to give it a read. Do comment! See ya!

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