Top 10 Best Footballers in the World: A Look at the Greatest Players

When it comes to football, this is the most heated topic of all time. Perhaps this topic is the greatest of all time. Football fans always debate who is the greatest of all-time football players. Pele? Maradona? Leonel Messi? Ronaldo? There are so many players that we can think of when this topic comes up.

After winning the World Cup, many fans and critics have accepted Messi as the greatest of all time. Of course, he is the Goat, but so are others.

Let’s look at these players who are doing their best for their clubs and countries. Some already have claimed their spot as Goat, and some are on their way to getting it. And Hey, if you think there are better players who can make it to this list, then you are right!

Leonel Messi 

No one will deny you if you call Messi the son of God. The magic that he has in his feet is out of this world. If there’s a man who can pierce an entire line of defence, then that’s Leonel Messi.

Leonel Messi has won the most number of Ballon d’Or and golden boots. Leo has won many major trophies for Barcelona and Argentina. And, of course, finally, he completed his collection of trophies with the World Cup last year. The collective effort of Argentina’s football squad made it possible. There was a time when Leo decided to leave Argentina’s national team, but it was never meant to happen.

Leo was a goat even before he won the World Cup. But that World Cup trophy in his hand made it certain. Leonel Messi is the Greatest of all time.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the man who has crafted himself into the greatest player of all time. Ronaldo has climbed the stairs of success in the football industry with his resilient mentality and hard work.

Ronaldo’s mere presence makes his teammates more disciplined. He has won major trophies with all the clubs he played for and also for Portugal. He is the football world’s all-time top goal scorer. He has made and broken so many football world records, making him one of the greatest of all time.

What Ronaldo and Messi have brought to the world of football can not be matched. Their rivalry alone is the greatest of all time.

Luka Modrić

Modric is the master of assists. His efforts have helped Croatia perform best in the World Cup many times. The way he plays in Real Madrid’s midfield is magical. Many great players have left the club, but Modric has kept his position with impeccable performance.

Modric’s game reading is very quick. He easily adapts to all kinds of lineups and delivers the ball into the penalty area like an impeccable launcher. Even at the age of 37, Luka Modric is showing no signs of slowing down.

Karim Benzema

Real Madrid legend Karim Benzema did his absolute best last season and won the Champions League. His feet know how to place the ball in the back of the net all the time. He loves to produce clutch goals. He is that player who will make you regret your one mistake.

He has won the majestic Champions League five times with Real Madrid and is a big threat to opponents this time, too. With an outstanding performance last year, Benzema finally won his first Ballon d’Or. There was no doubt he totally deserved it. He missed the World Cup because of an injury, but he is all set to put up a show in the Champions League again.

Kevin De Bruyne

The midfielder that every striker wants in his team. Some people say he is a wizard, and you won’t deny this fact. His assists are impeccable, and so is his shooting ability.

The way Kevin moulds the ball has no comparison. He can pass the ball with the same accuracy with both feet. It gives the goalkeeper no time to think, and in many cases, he makes keepers close their eyes.

Perhaps none of Kevin de Bruyne’s fans was happy with Belgium’s performance at the World Cup. But he is doing his best in Manchester City. He is one player that Pep Guardiola always relies on. His wizardry will certainly increase Man City’s possibilities of winning the premier league this season as well. However, we can not say the same when it comes to the Champion League. But hey, anything can happen; maybe this time, he will score a winning goal in the Champions League finals.


Neymar’s dribbling skills can make defenders bobble their heads. His body moment and out-of-the-world football skills make fans crazy all the time. Neymar has created many football tricks that fans around the world love to try on. You can call Neymar the trickster of the football world.

With Messi and Suarez, Neymar became a part of a trio that was unstoppable at times. He did wonderful things at Barcelona and is doing his best at PSG right now. He has made several statements about his retirement after turning thirty. Indeed, none of the football fans want him to retire this soon.   

Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappe has the World Cup in his trophy collection and nearly ruined Messi’s dream of winning one. He is indeed one of the best young players of our time. He is a great admirer of Ronaldo and always strives for excellence. He is scoring consistent goals for PSG, helping the club stay at the top of Ligue 1.

Perhaps he made a lot of Real Madrid fans angry when he decided to stay at PSG. Where he will go in future is uncertain, but he is on the path to becoming the greatest of all time.

Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich’s bazooka, scored a hat trick in 9 minutes. He had an absolute blast playing for Bayern Munich. Many critics thought that his performance would go down after Barcelona move. But no sir, that did not happen at all, and he is continuously scoring goals at Barcelona. Barcelona is currently at the top of La Liga’s chart.

He does his best for Poland as well. His good efforts helped Poland qualify for the World Cup 2022 group stages. But France put an end to their journey in the knockout stages. Poland has a great national team, but they have a lot to learn to beat other world-class teams.

Vinicius Junior

There is something majestic in Brazilian blood that makes them world-class football players. Vinicius Junior has got this Brazilian magic in him. The way he is playing at Real Madrid is mesmerising. Even the world-class defence of Liverpool was unable to stop him and Benzema in the Champions League final.

His responsibility at Brazil’s national team is somewhere similar to Neymar’s. His dominance on the left side makes many defenders worry.

Erling Haaland

Call him a rocket or tank; Erling Haaland can score with just one touch. He has already scored a few hat tricks for Mancity. His Norwegian genetics help him pierce the opponent team’s defence like nothing. But hey, he is not invincible; we all know what happened when he first met van Dijk in club friendlies. But after that, Haaland has scored some exceptional goals. Even with his first touch.

Maybe he and Kylian Mbappé will bring a new era of rivalries like Ronaldo and Messi.

End Note 

You can name many football players who are the greatest of all time. Their contribution to the game and industry is immense. If you feel like you want to name some other player, then comment and share your thoughts with us. Let’s see who are some of the greatest players of all time according to you.

What do you think?

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