Top Five Books One Must Read to do Better in Life

Top Five Books One Must Read to do Better in Life

Reading is one way to escape reality and walk through the path of unknown places. You consume knowledge that took a writer years to master. You go through a journey that can help you find your purpose and rethink life. 

Book reading helps you improve your focus and memory. They make you more empathetic and help you communicate better. It can improve your mental health, reduce stress and give you a better perspective in life.  

There’s a sea of books out there, and choosing which book to read can be difficult. Here are a few books that you must read to do better in life.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Written by Mark Manson, Genre: Non-fiction

In this book, Mark Manson talks about a counterintuitive approach to living. To live a good life and succeed, you don’t have to be optimistic or enthusiastic. You just have to do what is important, and that’s it. No matter what adversaries you are going through, you must find a reason to keep moving forward. 

The book is a New York best seller and one of the best books everyone should read to understand that positivity and optimism are not essential in life.   

How to Win Friends And Influence People

Written by Dale Carnegie, Genre: Non-fiction

The entire book is filled with generosity and humbleness. Dale Carnegie has given numerous examples explaining that quickly acknowledging your mistakes and not criticising others will help you make better relationships. 

Do not condemn, complain and criticise people; try to understand their problems and what makes them behave like this. Be genuinely interested in people and listen to what they are saying attentively. It increases your charm and makes other people like you. 

The book is filled with empathy and positivity. One must read it if you are looking for a better social life.     

Animal Farm

Written by George Orwell, Genre: Fiction 

This novella will help you understand life in a very peculiar manner. In this book, George Orwell shows how power corrupts your mentality. In the hope of revolution and a better society, an alliance is formed between the animals of the farm. But soon, everything begins to go south when a few members think that they are better than others. 

If you find non-fiction books hard to read and not interesting, then “Animal Farms” will get you going.   

The Alchemist

Written by Paulo Coelho, Genre: Fiction 

Take yourself on a spiritual journey with “The Alchemist”. Paulo Coelho has described how you should not be afraid of failure and letting go of attachments while still having a strong connection with someone. No matter how hard life hits, you get up and never give up. Find hope in each moment to achieve big in life and identify your inner legend.  

If you seek inspiration in fiction books, then “The Alchemist” is a must-read for you. Feel the warmth and coldness of the desert with the words of Paulo Coelho and get motivation on the journey.      


Written by Hector Garcia And Francesc Miralles, Genre: Non-fiction 

If you question yourself about what is your purpose in life, then “Ikigai” by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles might have your answer. Explore what you love, the needs of the world, what you are good at and whether you can be paid for it. That is all you need to live a healthy and long life on this planet, according to Japanese living. 

Learn the secrets of longevity and happy life from the Japanese with Ikigai. Search for meaning and reason for living a normal life and understand how you can achieve big things with peace and satisfaction. 

If you are looking for inspiration to turn around your life or keep everything on track, then “Ikigai” is the right book for you.   

Developing The Habit of Reading

Keep The Phone Away

Nowadays, mobile phones are the biggest distraction in everyone’s life. Instagram, Twitter, and Netflix consume your time rapidly. You feel like you have spent only a few minutes, but in reality, hours are gone. 

To consume knowledge from books, you need to focus and keep your phone away. With better focus, your reading comprehension increases. Once you get into this habit, you read fast and cover more pages.    

Read Different Variety of Books

Going through the same genre can be tedious, and you begin to lose interest. This situation is not ideal if you are developing the habit of reading. Choose different genre books and keep your book list fresh. 

As mentioned earlier, you can read fiction or non-fiction according to your interest. Read “The alchemist” or “Ikigai” or “Animal Farm” or whatever gets you going. If you observe that you’re forcing yourself to read, then take a break and begin reading when you feel refreshed. 

Always Carry a Book 

Whenever you go out, carry a book with you. Throughout the day, you will get many hours to read, and it would be ideal to have a book with you. You can wait for hours for someone and feel like you haven’t waited at all. Plus, it is an amazing way to escape reality for some time whenever you want when you always carry a book. 

If it is certain that you won’t get any time to read, then leave it. You might be going to the movies, so there’s no point in taking a book to the theatre.


You can begin reading for at least five to ten minutes every day. Eventually, increase the time to thirty to forty-five minutes. That’s it; if you spend this much time regularly, then you will be reading two to three books a month.  


Reading will help you find your purpose and how to do better in life. You feel more empathetic and connect better with others. It improves your mental health and makes you resilient. The above-mentioned five books are a must-read for anyone who wants to get into the spirit of reading and become a better person.

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