7 Tools to Make Your Remote Working Seamless

Tools to Improve Remote Working

Remote working or Work From Home is the new normal because of the COVID-19 epidemic. The situation restricted people from going out. It leads to the idea of remote working to run the business consistently. However, many people lost their jobs, and many companies turned down during a hard time. It was only the Work From Home option that kept the companies running.

But this switch was not feasible at the start for everyone. Managing time at home was a pretty difficult task for people, thanks to the tools that helped in smooth working. Today, we will share information about the top digital tools or software that make the life of employees easier. Before them all, let’s know how good and bad it was working remotely for employers and employees.


From a broader perspective, Work From Home was great and bad at the same time. But every individual’s experience was different. Here is our thought:

Remote Working: For Employers

Let’s start with the good part! As a physical place for work is not required in remote working, many companies save costs. Many small businesses quit the physical spaces for these years and saved the money they spent on rent. Besides, there were other cost reductions from the office space point of view like huge internet bills, etc. But the thing that was not good was the unstable growth because of losing a large number of clients. It is because the clients who were giving profits were also at a loss.

Remote Working: For Employees

From the perspective of employees, they stay connected more with the family. The quality time they get with their loved ones was the best part. It made surviving a hard time of lockdowns during the world a better way. But the point is managing the office work while staying at home. The hard time was managing the projects without physical interactions with the teammates. However, it became possible with the software that did not make everyone feel distant when working remotely.


Now, let’s come to the subject of this blog. We are presenting the top 7 tools that helped during Work From Home incredibly. Check below:


Every professional might have used zoom in their work career. It is an incredible tool for communicating effectively with remote people. The software has the excellent feature of good quality audio and video. Even the tool offers the facility to record essential conferences or meetings. The best part of the tool is that it has a significant threshold for people joining the meeting.
Well! You can see why this is on the top of our list. The main thing that makes it better than other software is that it can operate even on low bandwidth. At the same time, it uses less data for making video calls compared to other market tools.
Quality Video Conferencing on Skype


We added the following technology or solution to the list: “Skype.” It is again a tool for better communication between the employees. We can not forget the times it saves the time of many working employees to organise numerous meeting sessions. Skype offers the best quality video conferencing that helps many remotely working people to manage their projects. During the pandemic, this tool was a game changer that promoted collaborative work.
This incredible tool also uses less data to make video calls. It also lets people chat and share their thoughts after the video call. This way, the work was not affected as every individual could communicate even when living at long distances.


There are many people familiar with this tool. It is the most popular software among employees who need to share things many times in a day. Slack is one of the top chat apps ruling over the other tools. The interface is so easy to understand and helps each employee collaborate effectively. With all the functionalities, the installations and onboarding of the app are simple. It allows people for direct messaging, several integrations, and attaching documents and files.
Each option available with Slack makes the most reliable digital platform for helping corporate business. So, undoubtedly, this tool is the king of providing chat facilities to remote workers.

Google Hangouts

How can we not include Google Hangouts in the list! This tool is a fantastic product from Google that seamlessly integrates with other G Suite software. In terms of running, it is incredibly light and works smoothly. Hence, you can use it properly even when the network connectivity is low. Whether you use it at home or in a cafe, it doesn’t matter. Google Hangouts will not disappoint you.
So, we can confidently say that it is a consolidated communication service. It enables the users to use the tool for better communication via text, voice and video chats. There is an option of making the interactions one-on-one or also in groups. Moreover, Hangouts are developed into Gmail and Google+. If you want to use it on mobile/ smartphone, you can use the Hangouts app for iOS and Android.

Google Drive

All the remote workers will agree on the essential part of Google Drive while managing projects at home. Employees of many businesses are still using this convenient and easy-to-use tool for uploading and downloading the necessary files. It offers ample free space on the cloud where the users can store and access files online. Google Drive is one of the best responsive tools on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

During Work From Home situations, this software provides security and transparency to users’ documents and other files. It is a facility that allows real-time editing and is a more reliable tool than others.

Dropbox For Cloud Storage


Dropbox is a cloud storage software to store files. Its main USP is its effortless use. Many businesses also rely on Dropbox for keeping their files safe with better security and space. The free plan of this tool gives the storage space of about 2 GB. So, it was a great alternative to place the files on cloud storage after Google Drive safely.

It is also a responsive tool that works perfectly on mobile devices and tablets. The process of using Dropbox on mobile is to install the app for iOS and Android. So, undoubtedly, Dropbox is one of the heroes to smooth remote working.

Microsoft OneDrive

The last tool on our list is Microsoft OneDrive. It is another top file storage software that eases the life of remote workers. You can get it with the setup of your Microsoft account. It offers various other services like or Xbox. Anyone can leverage this tool to store their documents, photos, and other files.

It is also cloud storage where you can share the files with friends. You can also collaborate on content with others—one more great thing about Microsoft OneDrive. You will get a complete Office 365 suite and 60 minutes of international Skype calls with a subscription.


Let’s summarise the complete information with one statement: “The tools mentioned above are the champions of making remote working possible.” Try any of these tools if you are also doing the work from sitting at home. You will see the improvement in making communications and management of the work.

What do you think?

Written by Vijeta Raghav

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