Gaming Metaverses: All You Need To Know

Gaming Metaverse

Playing games has shifted from the physical environment to the digital world. We all can remember when games were categorised as indoor and outdoor. The indoors like chess, ludo, scrabble, and cards, while outdoors are cricket, soccer, badminton, and basketball. Our childhood connects with all these games, and playing with friends was memorable.

The advent of technology has taken over all the joy to a whole new space. The name of this new framework is “gaming metaverse.” Before going deep into the virtual game world, let us focus on the virtual world for better understanding. The place is called metaverse, and it is not limited to games. So, here it is.


A metaverse is a virtual world that is not real but looks like one. It has 3D elements and a unique design to make social connections and interactions. In simple terms,

“metaverse is a virtual-real space which is computer-generated and utilised to make interactions with other people in this fictional world.”

The ongoing research in this field keeps making it a better place for everyone who wants to use this growing technology. With these virtual devices, we can do whatever we want to do without actually moving from our place physically.


See! Now you can think entirely about what it is. If the metaverse is a virtual world, then the gaming metaverse is a digital gaming world. If you are still confused, we will help you.

Example: We can enjoy what Super Mario does with every click of the button. Eating superpowers, jumps, walking, standing still and unfortunately losing the game in case of death. 

Gaming metaverse has a space that includes everything to play a game at its best but virtually. We are not present in the digital environment bodily, but we can experience it. The surrounding is full of 3D objects that make it look so natural. 

It was just a short description of it. We can go in-depth and see what we can explore to the fullest extent. Let’s dive into the world of virtual gaming.

Virtual Game Playing On Metaverse


There is no limit to the distance between us and someone in a different corner of the world in metaverse games. In fact, we can play with the people who are not even present in the same room with us i.e. with avatars. All we have to do is make a request or to invite a person using our device to play with us, no matter in which corner of the world other people are sitting. 

Isn’t it cool to play with a person far beyond you “in the virtual world of our’s” just by using one device only? Well yeah, gaming metaverse makes it possible; but giving us the platform in which we can jump into it and exit as well whenever we wish!


Another advantage of playing here is that we can play with the people we want. Ultimately, we choose who we want in the game and who we don’t. Privacy is prior when it comes to playing the metaverse games. This metaverse world has constraints that intend to ask us first and only after confirmation it’ll allow us to enter space. Let’s say, if we feel that the person inviting us is unknown, we can easily deny their request and save our information without participating, it all up to us (the users)!


Gaming metaverse is the excellent integration of the digital and physical world. Many metaverse games are already popular among people. We are sharing a list of the top three games we can play.


The game was initially designed and developed by a gaming studio called Pixowl in 2012. The game gained its popularity and made its audience quickly, and now it is one of the most famous games among this generation. Adding to this, it offers the best rewards for the participants to increase their interest.

The procedure to play this game is to first go to their available online platform. The player will get a tool known as “VoxEdit” that allows us to create the assets. Afterwards, we can upload, publish, and offer the NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) we made using the device.


This NFT based game is another example of metaverse games, brought by Sky Mavi studio. The motivation was the game “Pokemon,” where every player is a creature with its unique features called “Axies” who fight the battles to earn rewards.

The developers are still improving the game with time to provide a better experience to the gamers. We can find it online and step ahead to play it!

Developer Creating Metaverse Game


Sorare is a creative football game released in 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. This metaverse game offers features, where we as a gamer can purchase, trade and organise fictional football teams. The graphics of this exciting game are remarkable and make its virtual environment more realistic. The most interesting part is that the cornerstones of this game are built using advanced automation technology i.e.,  blockchain and Ethereum technology.


These games become more interesting because of their special gadgets! Believe it or not, with these devices, users can get the best experience and more precise visual ambiance. 

Although we can use our mobiles, tablets, and desktops to play these games, it will not give us an extraordinary experience as Xbox and VR headsets. It won’t matter if the user at the other end is using these devices; these are additional gadgets that will help enhance your gaming experience.


Undoubtedly, there is an abundance of NFT based games in the gaming world. It is a Token for the digital asset that is only yours. Some of the famous NFTs nowadays are music, videos and artworks. A wide range of these digital games offer in-game currency; It simply means a certificate of owning an item available only on the internet. 

 “We can think of it like an old barter system of exchanging goods.”

As, in an online world, we can buy, sell and trade digital objects with the help of NFT. Likewise, we can collect the NFTs by playing metaverse games and also exchange them for other NFT based goods available online.


We have explained everything about the gaming metaverse that one needs to know. The concept of metaverse games is the automation of advancement in technology, making gamers play with more amenities. We can see how proliferative this gaming approach is, and need not to say, but Metaverse Gaming is here to stay!

So many gamers are crazy about playing online, and the privilege to earn adds more value to it. So, play smartly and make a move in the direction of these metaverse games. Play the metaverse and rule the new Gaming Universe!

What do you think?

Written by Vijeta Raghav

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