Electric Scooter: Want it for the Long Run? Understand and Maintain it!

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Elegant man is charging his electrical scooter with charger on special parking.

It won’t be wrong to say electric scooter is not just a fad; it’s here to stay! I mean, come who has imagined back then that this personal transportation will reach up to this elevation? You might not be aware of this, but e-scooter have conquered almost hundred cities, including college campuses globally. This stand-up two-wheeled e-scooters, with its small electric motor and a thin deck on which a single rider stands, is becoming a new micro-mobility option for urban areas. 

What else can be more nostalgic than driving a scooter as a vehicle just like you did in your childhood? Moreover, transportation without air and noise pollution is undoubtedly a valuable gift to Mother Nature! And of course, if you are a thrill-seeker or a technophile owing an e-scooter opens a different world for you! What do you say? 

Electric Scooter: Let's scrutinize

Can’t afford a car, then make friends with a long-lasting power-featured e-scooter, as simple as that! They are easy to steer, and you can run them with fun; all in all, an electric scooter can be your “Ride for Life.” As long as you maintain it! And, not to mention, for that, you’ll have to understand your e-scooter to the core! So, let me break down all parts of an electric scooter for you…


Come on, this is where you stand and enjoy scooting: the platform, and these are different according to the brand and type of e-scooter. If I’ll have to explain to you in general, have you seen a skateboard? Inane! Of course, you have. So it is more like a skateboard but can be rubberized, i.e., for better propulsion while riding. The size of a scooter’s deck may vary, some provide extra space to keep your feet, and some are textured to provide additional grip to stand on! Standard scooter’s deck size ranges 14″ by 5″ and has a ride height of a few inches.


This is where you hold hand-in-hand with a very friend of yours… I intend, from where you hold your e-scooter. Handlebars are basically the handles that provide you hold to the scooter with all controls. The handle consists of all controls like accelerator, brakes, speed/settings display, and power buttons. The most astonishing part about handlebars is their folding feature! By reducing the width of handles, you can get the scooter down to a moveable and storable size. Easy to carry, easy to store, what else do you need?

Tires & Wheels

Yes, don’t get confused with both; they are connected yet different! Wheels are the circular metal component bolted to the scooter hub through an axle. And the tires are basically the rubber casing attached to the wheels—tires of an e-scooter influence, traction, ride quality, range, and braking performance.


As the name suggests, the stem is the middle connecting truck connecting handlebars to the front wheels. This long foldable tube is connected to the scooter’s front wheel that extends up to handlebars.

e wheel scooters


The motors used in electric scooters are BLDC (Electric scooters have brushless direct current) powered by a direct current to automate the scooter electronically. It is placed in the front wheel, but mostly electric scooters these days have hub motors built into both wheels. When it comes to rating electric motors, they are being rated in terms of their power consumption which is expressed in units of watts. Greater the wattage, the more powerful motors are!


To stop, reduce speed, avoid a collision, enable you to drive faster, obvs! Question yourself: Can you dare to accelerate, go fast, and reach the destinations we desire without brakes? A big no! THat is why electric scooters are made with a quality braking system, i.e., Disc brakes. And mostly all-electric scooters come with both mechanical and electronic braking systems.


These are electronic components buried inside the scooter that monitors current flow from the scooter’s battery to the motor. The controller basically sends power to the motor based on accelerator input! Sadly, controllers are one of the most under-appreciated parts of a scooter because they function silently most of the time.


Of course, swag, deck, and especially headlights are necessary; I mean, how would you ride in the dark? Swag light basically gives this cool look to your scooter!

battery scooter


The battery of an electric scooter is an assembly of multiple cells that acts as a powerhouse of the scooter. Electric motor, lights, and other accessories of a scooter consume energy for the batter, so eventually, they play a role of a “gas tank.”

Electric Scooter: Maintenance, how?

It’s good If you prefer regular maintenance of your scooter taking it to a service center. What’s the point in spending huge at a service station when you can fix it yourself plus, you’ll save a lot of money too. All you need is basic knowledge, essential tools/equipment, and the ability to recognize potential faults. Straightforward, below here I am mentioning a few tips to maintain your electric scooter at home. 

Clean, clean, clean!

No other option, you’ll have to do it, to eliminate dirt cumulation and fewer chances of breakage. Washing and cleaning your scooter’s outer components will help retain your scooter for the long run without any damage.

Important instructions

  • Always use warm water, dish soap, and a soft cloth.
  • Keep a separate cloth to remove any excess dirt after washing. 
  • Always make sure you dry the scooter thoroughly.

Service the brakes, monitor tires, and wash the wheels

Whether electric brakes, disc brakes, or band brakes, all require servicing after a while. 

Monitor all elements associated with wheels and fine-tune your brakes.

Monitor ESC (Electric Speed Controller)

It’s essential to monitor the electric speed controller and fix anything serious like burning smell, interruption in powering on, etc. Don’t try to fix it yourself if you can’t understand the actual fault; you better take it to a specialist in such cases. 


Every battery runs on a lifecycle, don’t let your scooter’s battery run out, and don’t overcharge.

Electric Scooter: Maintenance, Why?

No arguments here; everything needs maintenance! I mean, is there anything on earth that doesn’t need care? To ensure smooth running, it is required to keep things maintained, be it living or nonliving. Like we monitor our body to make sure we are healthy, we should do service and maintenance of vehicles to ensure their smooth working. And you better be more conscious when it comes to electricals! Until now, that’s what I intended to say; your electric scooter won’t be fun anymore if not maintained regularly. Maintaining your electric scooter regularly helps to:

Ensure reliability: Regular maintenance not only prolong your scooter’s lifespan but helps the better running of it as well. Fixing brakes, adjusting tire pressure, cleaning the deck, and ensuring the battery holds enough charge; its all required and come under regular maintenance. Even a minor fault can make a significant change in the performance of your electric scooter. 

A pocket-friendly approach: Spending on a new scooter is way better than maintaining it before the actual flaws show off. All you have to do is regular monitoring, servicing, and fixing if needed!

Eliminate vulnerability: “Life is full of uncertainty” Eliminating vulnerabilities helps to deal better with uncertainty ahead; I mean to deal with risks while riding your electric scooter. Though it’s all up to our control, we can’t be sure about a vehicle’s mechanical composition. Well, cars have seat belts and airbags, but if scooters are not maintained, that might result in a direct mishap. 

Go, go, go! 

Take your scooter’s manual out, understand and start maintaining. Happy Scootering!

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