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Are you still driving gasoline or a diesel vehicle? Oh god! The world is innovating even in the automobile industry. Please check out the Electric Cars and make a switch to the eco-friendly option if you want. Believe it or not, it is the future of moving wheels efficiently. There are many benefits that one can experience using these cars.

BUT!! Let us tell you more about it and then share a list of stunning models that may be yours soon. Explaining a better way is essential because no one wants to buy a luxury item with only words. We first need a good understanding of the product before us, and then we move forward. 

To prepare our minds, we need all the facts, and this blog is for that purpose. Here we will solve all the queries that will help you know the benefits and then a list of electric vehicles. Without any delay, let’s get into it.


For the starters, we are taking you to the good part. Kindly read and feel free to choose the latest launch for yourself. Here are some benefits:

  • NO NOISE: The new EV(Electric Vehicle) gets designed to protect our hearing power from irritating engine noise and run smoothly. 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Electric cars do not emit any emissions. It makes it suitable for the environment, and that is why it is an eco-friendly solution for transportation to the whole world.

LOW RUNNING COST: The prices of fossil fuels went up and down drastically with time, and we all want to move to some alternative. Be happy because now we can have it with EV.



Mercedes is a famous brand when it comes to vehicles. The high-profile company is also moving in the direction of electric cars. After the successful launch of EQA, Mercedes EQ will develop a new model that is EQB. It is an entirely electric car with all the intelligent features.

Here are some noticeable factors:

  • Seven seater
  • Safe drives
  • Impactful aesthetics
  • Smart driving assistance
  • Mercedes me charge


Mercedes-EQ is again on this list with a new EV specially designed for the luxury class. Mercedes-EQ-EQS is fully electric and is an innovative solution. Both the driver and the passenger will feel the incredible experience. The characteristics of energy recovery make it even more valuable. 

Few points that make it worthy of buying:

  • Sustainable design
  • Aerodynamic production
  • Intelligent power recovery
  • Smart charging
  • MBUX Hyperscreen
  • Up to 350 sensors


Here is another company which is working on producing eco-friendly electrical cars. Audi is one of the top brands and launches the most reliable vehicles. Audi Q4 E-Tron is their next step in the advancement of intelligent vehicles. The performance matters and this organization is on the path to providing superb speed and technology.

Read the qualities now:

  • Battery Capacity: 82kWh (kiloWatt hour)
  • Cargo Volume: 53.1 cu-ft (cubic-foot)
  • Estimated range: 241mi (miles)
  • Charging time: Around 38 minutes
  • 0-60 mph (miles per hour) in 5.8 sec
  • AR head-up display


BMW is also in the competition of manufacturing electric vehicles. The BMW IX model is robust with an elegant appearance to captivate anyone. The design has a new vision to serve the most comfortable experience, and an outstanding idea turned beautifully into a reality. We can pre-book this splendid electric car when the time comes. 

Here are the specifications:

  • Kerb Weight: 2,440 kg
  • Horsepower: 240 kW
  • Range: 425 km battery-only
  • Battery: 76.6 kWh
  • Dimensions: 4,953 mm L x 1,967 mm W x 1,695 mm H
  • Size of the wheel: 21” diameter
electric car charging station


In 2014, the company Bollinger Motors was established. They announced the manufacturing of the B1 model in 2021, but in January 2022, they disclosed the production delay. Therefore, the Bollinger B1 is the tentative electrical car we expect this year. The unique interiors with the minimalist design and wide-spaced seats are commendable. 

Some of the specifications are below:

  • Power: 614 hp
  • Battery Capacity: 120 kWh
  • Range: 200 mi (322 km)
  • Model: 5 door SUV
  • Class: Mid Size UV


In the CES 2022, one of the best car brands “Chevrolet” has announced the upcoming electric car they will launch. We can expect the electric Blazer by Chevrolet in 2023. The updates will get shared by the motor company with time. The apparent reason for launching the new EV is the growing demand for midsize and compact SUVs in the US.

We will know more about the product in the coming months. The features and design will surely surprise everyone. Till then, we can wait for the next update.


Ford is among the best sellers of its existing electric cars in the US. In the meantime, the company will launch some more SUVs in the coming years. We can look forward to seeing the line-up by Ford that will be all-electric. The design will not be limited to small cars, and they are working for the big vans and trucks. It is the way to serve all the customers. 

The Explorer electric cars will get manufactured to enhance the standards of living. It will help in easy driving with the automatic navigation system. So, let’s wait for the next update from this automobile brand.


Ioniq is a sub-brand of Hyundai that involves the manufacturing of electric vehicles. It will launch around 23 cars with batteries globally. The availability of these cars will be single or dual-motor configurations.

  • The single motor will produce up to 225 horsepower
  • The other dual-motor will result in around 320 horsepower

The official website of Hyundai also mentioned the eco-friendly factor. So, they are also in the race of manufacturing electric cars with more negligible environmental impacts.

manufacturing of electric vehicles


The latest electric vehicle from the Japanese automobile company Nissan is the Ariya. It is an electric vehicle with batteries for power to move the wheels. The compact SUV was supposed to be launched in 2021 but delayed and will be in the market in 2022.

Some specifications of this model are:

  • Battery: 65,90 kWh
  • Power: up to 389 hp
  • Body: 5 door SUV
  • Charge Type: DC Charging


The following cars of the Macan crossover are going to be electric. The statement was given by Porsche recently, and the foundation is PPE(Premium Platform Electric). The production is supposed to get started in the year 2022. The platform was co-developed by Audi, and the upcoming EVs are more advanced with all the benefits.

We can expect another electric vehicle either this year or the next. Till then, we can wait for the next update from Porsche.


This electric car is for the luxury class and will possess a dual motor. The design will follow the MEB platform and every other part while the company has plans to launch the vehicle in 2023. The concept came in front of everyone during the LA Auto Show. It seemed production-ready at that time. 

The electric range is up to 435 mi, and the power output is around 302 hp.


Upcoming years will have a wide range of cars that will use electricity and not fossil fuels. The time is changing for the better living, and we all can be a part of it. We have shared a list of some future automobile solutions. They are all-electric with modern navigation and high horsepower to make the drive safe and easy. We hope the above content will be helpful!

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Written by Vijeta Raghav

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