How Business Finance is Different From Public Finance?

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Any person goes crazy without the knowledge of finance, whether earning less or more. If you are also one who is still confused about how cash flows are managed, then continue to read this blog. In the end, you will understand the extensive money management in the business and public sector.

Before going deeper, let’s only understand the term FINANCE:

“Finance is the study of money and the number of investments a person, business, or government makes. It tells us how to manage the currency we are earning correctly.”

Now, we can move to the bottom, which means the base of Business and Public money management and how they differ. So, tight the seatbelt, and we will take you on a long drive of financial knowledge.


What is Business Finance?

Businesses need the funds to sustain and also expand. Business finance covers financial opportunities and helps companies to buy capital assets. It helps meet the issues of demand and supply, cash fluctuations, and leverage money to get required machinery and equipment.

As we are in a growing world where entrepreneurship is gaining value, many startups need Business Finance. They get the funding to keep their business running for an extended time.

Business Finance Methods

Generally, two main types of business finance methods are “Equity” and “Debt.” We have shared information about them below:

Equity Finance

The first type is “Equity Finance,” where the company’s ownership depends on the investors. The measure of the ownership is identified by analysing the investments. The stakeholders and investors put their money into the business. They have their stakes for every profit and loss in the future.

Debt Finance

At the initial stage of the business, every new business needs to take on many debts. It helps in starting the business and expanding it to new markets. The cost helps in getting new subsidiaries, expanding operations, and hiring the staff to achieve the goals.

Advantages of Business Finance

Most commonly, the modern business faces the initial burden of finding and setting up. After some stability, the goal is to sustain the company longer. It all gets easier with Business Finance. Here are some benefits of using it:

  • It helps the industries to get the quality infrastructure for the best in-house operations.
  • It enables businesses to hire qualified professionals to make the work successful.
  • It improves the cash flow in the industry and focuses your team on the target goals.
  • It allows the enterprises to manage their financial risk in a better way.
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What is Public Finance?

Now, let’s move on and understand “Public Finance.” It involves the proper management of a country’s revenue which is broader than business finance. Public finance comprises various expenditures and debt loads through various public institutions. This finance makes any country’s domestic and international financial growth and development possible. Similarly, it affects each stakeholder of the nation.

We can understand that every country needs money to run. Generally, the overall revenue is collected from various taxes and investment returns. It gets used in multiple expenditures like salaries to staff, healthcare, etc.

Public Finance Types

Knowing the types of public finance will tell you how cash flows in the country. Check the types of Public Finance for a better understanding of the concept:

  • Public Revenue

It is a type of public finance that collects money from the public. The collection gets done with the help of direct or indirect taxes, fines, maintenance, penalties, fees, etc.

  • Public Expenditure

The money involves the expenditure for the public, such as basic health facilities, educational benefits, infrastructural facilities, and more.

  • Public Debt

When expenditure exceeds, the government can always take help of debt in order. It helps in completing the needs of the country and running the economy.

  • Financial Administration

This type helps you manage the public finance and address the requirements of the government, including salaries to general electives, budget to maintain the communal heritage, and so on.

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Until now, we shared a lot of business and public finance information. But now we want to describe the things that work differently in each. Below is the table of the main differences between the two finances.

Find out what distinguishes them from each other:



Business finance is related to the expenditure and funding for business firms.

Public finance is more concerned with the expenditure and borrowings of the economy and government.

A business or owner of the industry has the power to control spending.

Government has the control over managing the money according to the size of expenditure for different areas.

It is focused on maximising profits.

It is more inclined towards promoting social welfare.

The preference of the overall budget in business finance is surplus.

The government is more favourable toward a deficit budget. 

Every transaction in business finance is hidden.

Each transaction in public finance remains open to everyone.

There is no time limit for maintaining business finance.

Government has a time of one year for public finance.



Here we completed a whole journey of elaborating the necessary points to you. We explained enough about business and public finance. Every detail above will enlighten you with the basic knowledge of these finances. It will make your minds a little clearer about what they are and how they are different.

In business finance, some needless expenses can get avoided. But the government can not delay the expenditures when it comes to public finance.

What do you think?

Written by Vijeta Raghav

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