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Makeup is prejudiced as pompous, flashy, and frivolous, and women who are fond of makeup are often categorized as insecure; still, cosmetics have many added benefits apart from enhancing looks. Many use makeup as armor; others feel more confident with makeup; cosmetics have the power to transform, enhance and protect. Even if makeup seems unnecessary to many, it is still an essential part of a woman’s life. 

You can generally break down the makeup routine into various steps and products, but the whole concept of a makeup routine is highly subjective to an individual. Some may consider their daily skincare routine, which includes the application of serums and moisturizers in a specific order, as a proper routine. For others, the routine may consist of applying various cosmetic products to enhance their looks. 

An enormous variety of cosmetic products are available in the retail market, and these products should be applied in a fixed order to get magnificent results. For instance, the foundation application is the first and foremost step in makeup. But a wrong foundation can ruin your whole makeup look; thus, this implies that the purchase of foundation can be tricky.

But don’t worry, if you are planning to purchase one, this write-up is perfect for you. 

There are a few basic things to be considered before purchasing the ‘RIGHT’ foundation.

best foundation for combination skin

The little details are:

Find The shade

The Salesperson in the store must have swatched the shade of foundation on your forearm to help you decide the perfect shade as per your skin tone. But the skin color of your forearm can be slightly different from your face’s skin tone. 

They say the best way to match the shade is to apply the product on your chest or find a spot around the center of your face and blend the product towards your hairline. This way, you can check if the product matches your skin shade. 

The shade does not have to be the exact match, but you can prefer a slightly lighter tone because the color is eventually going to shift a tone darker after the product blends in with your skin and face oils.

Moreover, you can always use bronzer on lighter skin and get the desired shade if you want a warmer skin tone.

Know your skin type and then choose

Your skin type can be dry, oily, or combination type; you should choose foundation depending on your skin type. For instance, the dewy foundation works best for dry skin, and the same can make the skin look extra oily for oily skin types. Therefore, a matte finish foundation works best for the combination to oily skin.

Don't ignore your undertones.

Don’t go against your natural undertones unless you plan to color correct. Here are some tips related to foundation shade keeping undertone shade in consideration. 

If you have a complexion on the warmer side, then pick a shade with yellow undertones; and if your face color is on a cooler side, then select the foundation with pink undertones. Usually, warmer and neutral hues are easy to match with different skin shades and tones.

Know the coverage that suits your requirements

You need to understand the look every foundation gives to determine what coverage level you want. Usually, people find full coverage foundations heavy on their skin, but if you want a long-lasting look without the requirements of any touch-ups, then you should opt for the full coverage alternative. 

If you are not familiar with the type of coverages, then you should choose a low or a sheer coverage foundation. Knowing the coverage and undertone is the key to buying the best foundation; figure out your preferences. 

Experts prefer a satin finish over a matte finish on mature skin because the matte and dewy foundation emphasize flaws and wrinkles.

Composition is important

Various foundations have different specifications to serve particular purposes. Check the product’s composition first; for instance, salicylic acid is the best choice for acne-prone skin, and hyaluronic acid works wonders for dry skin. Look for an SPF-based foundation for sun protection.


Once you are familiar with your skin type and composition of the foundation, you may want to consider the consistency of the product too. For instance, liquid foundations are water-based and often feel light weighted on the skin, whereas cream foundations which are usually oil-based, feel comparatively thicker on the face. The consistency of the silicone foundation lies between liquid and cream; they are generally liquid but feel more velvety on the application as they are more hydrating than liquid. Then there are powder foundations which are dry pigments and other minerals; they also feel silky smooth on the touch. But make sure that these powders should be sufficiently pressed enough that when you put your brush in them, they don’t fly away.

Different products for every weather!

Most of us keep using the same shade and formula of foundation throughout the year. However, it is essential to change the foundation because every composition and shade has specific results on the skin. For example, in summers, you need a product that lasts long on the skin and doesn’t sweat away, whereas, in winters, you need a foundation that moisturizes the skin well.

best foundation for skin

Don't purchase foundations online.

Buying your foundation online may not be the best choice; the AI technology or the camera doesn’t always show the best results. Instead, use the internet to save your time; you can go through the whole shade range of your desired brand and pick the top three shades. You can use your internet gained knowledge to save your time and make the best purchase from the offline store.


Cosmetics have become part and parcel of our lives; both women and men use basic cosmetics to hide their pigmentation and blemishes and keep their skin healthy. One of the most basic and first components of the makeup application process is applying foundation. 

The product can define your whole look and enhance the rest of the makeup. It is used to even down the skin tone and reduce pigmentation. So it is essential to choose your foundation wisely, considering all the factors, including your skin type. 

 So if you have added a few foundation products to your list, consider all the factors before making the final call.


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