How to Keep Your Dogs Entertained Indoors?

ways to entertain your dog at home

We all enjoy taking our dogs for walks or trips to the park, but depending on the air quality or weather, long walks or trips can be dangerous. It is not mandatory that your dog has to be sedentary; in fact, there are numerous ways to keep your companion physically and mentally entertained while staying indoors.

It can be difficult to keep your dog entertained, and simply trying to think of new ways to entertain your friend can be more exhausting than getting up and doing it. You can turn your home into a dog playground with some imagination and motivation. Here are some indoor activities for your companion dog.

Dog Puzzle

We all know how intelligent dogs are, so it should be no surprise that they enjoy problem-solving games. Dog puzzles have numerous advantages, including increased mental capacity, a longer attention span, and improved behavior.

Make Your Dog Pull on His Leash

Teach your dog to fetch their leash before going for a walk. The dog has to fetch your boots and harness. It’s not much to ask, but it’ll keep your dog occupied and focused while you get ready. Before you taught her how to get those items, your dog would be spinning around, whining, and jumping around. This allows me to keep her calm, which makes getting ready and out the door easier (and faster).

The Shells Game

This game requires nothing more than treats and two or more cups. You have to place a treat under one of the cups while your dog is watching, then give the signal to turn over the cup with the treat underneath it. Rep, but this time rotate the cups a few times to make your dog think. Rep this several times, increasing the difficulty level by adding more cups each time. This is a great game for stimulating the mind and improving concentration.

Look For Toys

The next time you play fetch, try hiding the toy instead of throwing it. Dogs love sniffing things (fire hydrants, strangers, dirty clothes), and this game will test their sense of smell. Hide toys around the house to create an interactive treasure hunt (start by hiding them in sight till your dog gets the idea), or use an old blanket to hide items for your dog to sniff out if space is limited.

toys to keep puppies busy

Toy Dispensing Treats

Try an interactive treat dispensing toy if you work from home and want to keep your dog entertained. It will not only improve problem-solving abilities but also encourage activity and relieve boredom.

Dog Education

If your sweet puppy has developed unsavory habits like “disappearing” your shoes, leaving “surprises” on the carpet, or barking excessively, it’s time to download a dog training app. There are a variety of apps with various goals. Your dog will most likely enjoy and look forward to each session if you train with patience, enthusiasm, consistency, and clarity. Still, all humane ones believe that rewarding good behavior (positive reinforcement) and a well-behaved dog will result from redirecting unwanted behavior into positive action.

toys to entertain dogs

Try Some Agility Exercises

To add some creativity to your interactive games, create an obstacle course out of various household items. For a reward, you can teach your dog to jump over pillows, weave through table legs, or run through a tunnel (drape a blanket over some chairs). The more inventive you are, the better! For more information, contact your local dog agility club.

Breaks should be brief but frequent

If you’re working on a computer for an extended period, take frequent breaks to give your dog companion regular attention. Playing a short game of fetch or tug-of-war, or running through some training exercises for five or ten minutes several times throughout the day, will give you both a boost and is an excellent way to tire out your pup and dispel boredom.

Hiding And Seeking

Your dog must be able to sit and stay while you go and hide somewhere in the house for this game. Begin by hiding in plain sight (for example, behind a chair) and gradually increase the difficulty of your hiding locations (such as in closets, under beds, on the countertop, etc.). Someone else could also keep your dog in place until you’ve hidden it (preferable with a bag of treats). “Come!” and then sit back and watch your dog try to sniff you out. When you’ve found it, lavishly distribute treats and praise.

Keep Away From

This game needs at least two players, so gather another household member (the more the merrier!), your dog’s favorite toy, and start tossing! The task for your dog is to jump up and grab the toy. This is a fun workout, but make sure your pup gets to catch the toy as a reward after every few tosses!

Go for a Drive

Consider taking your dog companion for a car ride if bad weather or poor air quality keeps you inside. Riding in the car is an exciting adventure for dogs, allowing them to explore while keeping them out of the elements.

Create your own treats

Rewarding your dog with homemade treats is an excellent way to reinforce good behavior. Try freezing dog treats in ice cubes to make dog-friendly Popsicles if your dog needs to cool off!

With interactive play, you can keep your dog busy and happy

Indoors do not have to be monotonous. Play games with your dog or teach them a new trick. Dogs thrive on interactive play, which improves their overall health and well-being. To keep your dog cheerful and entertained, you don’t need a lot of fancy toys or access to the outdoors; all you need is some time and dedication.

We may not be able to provide them with the full-time job for which they were bred, but we can provide them with meaningful activities through a few simple games and tricks. And when you see your dog’s delighted expression after a simple game of tug, you’ll understand why dogs are man’s best friend.

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Written by Shivam Pal

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