Must-Have Things For Every Cat Parent

Bringing a new cat home for the first time is thrilling! Cats make great pets, but the anticipation of adopting a cat can also make you anxious. Most of the time, you will keep pondering whether they like your home? Well, a question for you: Have you bought everything your cute little pet needs?It goes without saying that adopting a cat is indeed a lifelong commitment, and I can say it’s also a beautiful beginning of a spectacular relationship. Being a cat parent is not easy; you’ll have to arrange many things and adapt yourself for that cute little tabby! 

Despite some of your kitty’s most basic needs, you must also set up a few tangible stuff already. I mean, before bringing your new kitty home, you need to buy a few supplies prior to the cat’s arrival. So it’s time for me to move forward with today’s crux; shall I begin?

What things do you actually need?

Things… that could make the kitty feel like home (where he or she was staying previously). Ideally, the cat should begin exploring and getting used to things as soon as he comes home; but it would be lovely if you could try to create a similar ambiance just like how he was living earlier. Matter of fact a lot goes into preparation for bringing a new cat home! From cat-proofing your indoor space to stockpiling all the essential items, it can be hefty to know what exactly to buy! Keeping that in mind, I’ve put together a small checklist list of the essentials for your dear cat below:

  • Carrier or crate to carry 
  • An adorned indoor space
  • Food and water
  • A cozy place to sleep
  • Grooming and medical essentials

Carrier or crate to carry

You first need a kitty carrier or container;  to take your new friend home or carry the little one while traveling; this is useful. Make sure the cat carrier you buy is safe, sturdy, and spacious; you need ventilation and access to get your kitty in and out quickly. Keep a soft towel or piece of cloth on the surface to make a suitable space; after all kitty’s “e-meow-tional” health is a matter of concern before anything else! Moreover, to make your kitty feel safe inside the carrier, you can use the sprays to make the container comfortable for your cat. These sprays help calm the cat while traveling and can soothe ’em on the way home or outdoors. 

Safe traveling is a must; in fact, use the scent or blanket that the cat was habitual for in the previous home. This adds a homely touch to the carrier, making the cat more comfortable and less anxious while traveling.

A cat-proof and adorned indoor space

Furnishing an enriched indoor environment, i.e., full of “Pawsitive Incentives,” sets the stage for a happy & healthy kitty. Cats are more prone to live fulfilled lives cheerfully indoors and often avoid the outdoors. Besides making your indoor space well-enriched, don’t forget to make it safe. I am talking about cat-proofing your home! From all living rooms to your Laundry Room, Garage, and Shed, you’ll have to take all precautionary measures in order to make it safe for you and your cat.

Adding to it; educate yourself with the common Hazardous Household Items like; poisonous plants, plastic bags, ribbons, string, yarn, yarn, specific foods, and chemical cleaners. Checking the labels of all household products can help you get into; avoid products that contain phenols.

Food and water

Before everything else, you’ll need to buy food & water bowls; your cat is clearly going to need something to eat their food out of. Try purchasing a double dish that has options of keeping food and water together! Make sure your cat has access to fresh water, and you change and fill fresh water at least two times a day. You can even use a drinking fountain to encourage your cat to drink more water. Needless to mention; that cats are true carnivores; high-grade wet food is really good for your cat, keeps kitty healthy, and provides a good source of protein.  Important* Avoid feeding grains and too many carbohydrates, and be as consistent with the feeding time as doable; I say feed your cat two times a day. And don’t forget to read the food packaging labels to confine serving measures.

A cozy place to sleep

Many cats happily fall asleep anywhere, but a cat bed could be a suitable fit, and who knows, it might become your kitty’s favorite napping spot. When choosing a cat bed, make sure if it’s warm and soft and of ample size. And then, place the bed at a location where your cat sleeps mostly. You can even keep some cat-friendly toys just to make them feel comfy; providing your cat with toys helps to keep ’em happy.

Grooming and medical essentials

Your kitten’s basic grooming needs include; a litter box, ear cleaner, nail clippers, toys, cat scratcher, collar or ID tag, toothbrush & toothpaste, flea & tick preventatives, and wound cleaning supplies. Adding to the list, keep vaccination records and emergency vet’s contact information.

Apart from all these essential things, i would like you to know there’s one more thing which is not that necessary, but still, I have mentioned it below:

Cat grass: It’s natural for cats to nibble on the grass when they live outdoors. So, how about making it possible for your indoor kitties too? Some indoor cat grasses are beneficial for a cat’s health like; catnip, valerian, lemongrass, wheatgrass, cat thyme, and rosemary.

Also, below are some quick points you can keep in mind in order to take care of your cat:

  • Human companionships: cat needs love, care, and attention; give your cat a lot of it! 
  • Don’t forget to feed: provide regular, timely meals and a supply of fresh water.
  • Let your cat have some outdoor access and a stimulating and safe indoor environment.
  • Prepare yourself to empty and clean a litter tray daily.
  • Groom your cat regularly.; especially if you own a longhaired cat, and provide treatment for fleas. 
  • Have your kitty neutered between 4 to 6 months old and vaccinated against common feline diseases.
  • Take care of hygiene and cleanliness: make a clean and comfy bed for your kitty. 
  • Take the cat to the vet when it shows any sign of illness; you are now a cat parent; keep your cat healthy!

Understanding cat behavior!

Remember— each cat is different, and it might take practice and mistakes actually to find their favorite food, behavior, moods, and the toy they like the most. All of these items mentioned above are essential and should be on your cat supplies list. With a properly-arranged home, your kitty will adapt faster, and soon you’ll hear purring, and get a best friend to pet, play and love.

What do you think?

Written by Anjali Rajput

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