How To Start Making Money With Adsense

how to make money with adsense
There are numerous ways to monetize your website, the most popular one is Adsense by Google. Third-party ads that are relative to your website content will be published. You will get money by clicks and impressions depending on the type of ads. All the ads are Google Approved, but in case you want or don’t like an ad that is published on your website, you can get the ad removed.

Let’s See How Adsense Works

The entire process is very simple. Create an Adsense account with your Gmail account and add the small code that Adsense will provide to your website, and that’s it you are all done. Once you get the approval, Google Will display target ads on your website page. Algorithms show the ads according to the user’s old web searches and relevance to your content.  Eventually, the users will click on the ads, and you will get paid according to cost per click; the amount varies on different websites. Make sure you refrain from generating fake clicks or anything. Googleis very strict with its AdSense traffic. Any mistake made can result in the elimination of your account permanently.  

What Are The Advantages of Adsense

  • The number of publishers and advertisers is increasing every day. As of now, more than ten million websites are using Adsense. 
  • Everything can be tracked with the Google Analytics account. Offering high-level security and transparency. Both advertisers and publishers can see what is happening on their ends clearly. Google Acts as an intermediary keeping both sides on priority. This way, the process is straightforward and transparent for everyone.
  • Advertisers can run images, texts, videos, and more types of ads with the help of Adsense. This way, as a publisher, you can try different ads on your website and see for yourself what type of ads work best. Do your research about what type of ads are best and used widely. 

How to Apply And Requirements

Advertisers pay Google per ad click, and a publisher is paid 51 to 68 percent of that amount. The amount varies because not all niches get the same traffic and other reasons set up by Google. Most niches get less than three dollars per click, and some get around fifteen dollars. So your earnings will depend heavily on your niche. Remember that your earnings don’t rely on the cost-per-click value in your niche. Matching your audience’s interests and placement of ads is important. Ensure that ads look and feel good on your website.

How Much do You Earn With Adsense

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Better Traffic More Earnings

The most important factor is traffic, as your earnings will depend on that. Better traffic will increase the possibility of more clicks on the ads, and you will earn more.  You can choose the best paying niche and have proper placement of the ads, but it won’t make any sense if there’s no traffic.  Most probably, the amount earned per click is one dollar to three dollars. If a specific amount is desired to be earned, you can make the calculation and see how much traffic is required to earn that amount.  The best way is to create content about topics you have expertise in or love to make. This way, it would be easier to make content, and you will enjoy the process.  Don’t expect thousands of dollars per month with a few web pages. As mentioned earlier, it would be ideal that you create at least twenty to thirty pages of quality content before beginning to seek Adsense approval.

How to Generate More Traffic

  • Keyword-optimized content will make your website more discoverable on search engines. 
  • Targeted landing pages that suit the audience’s interest help them understand your website. More page views also depend on landing pages as they make the first impression, and after that visitors navigate through the website easily. 
  • As mentioned earlier, quality content is the key to attract an audience. Interesting, unique, and helpful content can help you get better SEO ranking getting you one step closer to the top. 
  • Backlinks are links that go back to a website’s specific page. Authentic backlinks help you get a better rank on search engines. Ensure that backlinks are coming from authentic websites. 
  • A strong presence on social media channels is one of the finest ways to attract organic traffic. You can post content on social media related to your website, such as photos, videos, stories, and more. Ensure that content is engaging and fun to get the audience’s attention. Provide proper links to your website so there will be no issue if someone wants to explore more. 
  • Engage with your audience on social media, and reply to their comments and queries as soon as possible.


Earning money from Adsense is easy. All you got to do is follow the terms and conditions of Google And connect your website with AdSense. Create quality content to attract traffic and increase the probability of impressions and clicks on the ads published on the website. The entire process of earning money depends on many factors mentioned above. Ensure that you don’t try any shortcuts to get more clicks and impressions and keep the process authentic. Keep creating and optimizing your website regularly, and you will earn good money from Google Adsense.

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