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Access control allows for more efficient control of movement within facilities. It restricts which areas employees can and cannot enter and provides analytics on all movements within a space. It also reports suspicious occurrences to maximize safety and security. Access control systems are now a workplace necessity, serving as a must-have technology for a wide range of industries, from corporate offices to airports to restaurants, among others. 

When it comes to business access control systems, each company has its own set of requirements and needs. Some small businesses may require a single-door access control system, whereas others may require bigger cloud-based access control systems that integrate across multiple business locations.

A dashboard that can be accessed across devices, remote management capabilities, and the ability to create access groups and set time-based access restrictions are all important features to look for.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list highlighting the top 7 commercial access control manufacturers, as well as which industries each manufacturer best serves.

Top 7 Access Control System Manufacturers

1. ADT

ADT is a leading provider of access control and security solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their security system is completely customizable and adaptable to your specific business requirements. ADT provides integrative security features such as video surveillance and burglary alarms that can be added to your access control systems.

ADT’s advantage is that it provides customers with monitoring services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ADT is also a modern product, with the addition of a mobile app service. Managers can manage access remotely as a result of this.

2. Salto

Salto is a keyless digital access control system that provides businesses with a seamless, integrative solution. Salto provides wireless locks, readers, and battery-powered access control systems. The system integrates with everything from card readers to electronic locks, and access is granularly configured via a local server.

They offer one of the most convenient and adaptable access control systems on the market, allowing business leaders to mix and match hardware, software, and access methods to create the ideal system for their needs. Salto systems are also very user-friendly, with options for digital keys and mobile apps. Because their solution can be incorporated with time and attendance systems on the back end, Salto is an ideal solution for hotels and hospitality businesses.

3. HID

HID Global is a global leader in access control and security system technology. They are a large company that is well-suited to other large and enterprise-level businesses. They also provide built-in integrations such as location services, visitor management, ID card printing, and more.

When it comes to security, HID is a particularly dependable provider, offering extra access control measures such as two-factor authentication, identity management, and more. As a result, HID is an excellent choice for banks, financial institutions, government offices, and other similar organizations.

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4. Honeywell

Honeywell is a leading commercial security company that provides access control solutions for any size business or facility. Honeywell provides a convenient “mix and match” solution for businesses and users by providing a variety of hardware and access methods. While Honeywell provides solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, their systems are best suited for larger access control projects such as airports, critical infrastructure, healthcare facilities, and so on. 

There is a variety of excellent software available here, but the WIN-PAK security software stands out. This system provides access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection through a single unified interface. They also provide practical solutions like cloud-based management, multi-location management, and additional security integrations.


Envoy provides a variety of access control solutions to keep your employees safe and secure. They provide a simple and secure access control product that is ideal for small, medium, and start-up businesses. Envoy has also recently added new health and safety protocols for access control systems, such as health screening and touch-free sign-in. 

Overall, Envoy is one of the most user-friendly systems for SMBs, with one of the most appealing and simple-to-use interfaces. Genetec, Kisi, OpenPath, and other access control systems are among those that can be integrated with Envoy. Envoy focuses on the health aspect of things. It provides custom health checks, allowing you to confirm that employees are healthy before they even arrive at work.

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6. Bosch

Bosch provides an integrated access control system that is intended to be a “all-in-one” security solution. With various software, controllers, readers, and credentials options, this access control system assists businesses with authorized access and visitor management. Bosch provides a system that can be relied on for almost any project, no matter how small it begins or how large it grows.

Bosch’s product is also completely scalable and expands with your company. Video surveillance, alarm monitoring, fire alarms, and other security features can be integrated with a Bosch access control system.

7. Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is an excellent access control system for larger, multi-location businesses. This is due in part to their hand-off management model, which means the system reduces daily management needs while still integrating with security systems such as video surveillance, fire detection, and intrusion detection.

Johnson Controls incorporates video surveillance into its operations as well. It also has the ability to monitor alarms and manage permissions, such as allowing temporary visitor access. If your company has multiple locations, Johnson Controls is an excellent choice because it is simple to scale.  

They also provide a wide range of system options, including hosted, physical, web-based, and biometric access.

Final Remarks

If you’re looking for an access control system, choosing the right model is critical. This entails contrasting systems, technologies, and methods of access. The top access control system manufacturers all provide high-quality systems that are sometimes tailored to specific applications.

There are thousands of commercial access control systems to choose from. Investing in the appropriate access control technology is critical to protecting people and assets.

As the number of breaches and robberies has increased over the last decade, many organizations have begun to implement advanced security systems to protect their assets and stakeholders from criminal activity. Stay tuned for more interesting posts.

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