Top Looming Bag Trends You Can Carry In 2023

Bags have been here from the very beginning of human civilization! The trend of bags came to life since the apparel had yet to be designed with pockets. However, bags do play a major role in lives, but for women, bags are more like a companion. No offense but yeah! We will faint if we don’t carry a bag when we step out. The emptiness we feel on no-bag days is real, indeed! Women’s handbags are that fashion statement that can either make or break style.

Besides being just a trend; bags do have other purposes too! I can say that bags have their own world, the plethora of designs, styles, and colors you can choose from. This baggy piece of article is for those who are looking for the hottest upcoming bag trends!

Dear men, we can ditch you but not our bags…

Bags are a necessity for us!

Obviously, we carry them around everywhere for a reason! Bags are that special fashion staple that we all women swear by to elevate repertoire and make a definite statement today. Bags with clasps, leather pouches, and purses with long drawstrings come in various designs and storage options, serving different purposes. Not only do they offer convenience, but they also act as the perfect accessory without which any outfit seems incomplete; prove me wrong, ladies!

Damn, bags are so practical, aren’t they? 

Yes, simply that… Needless to say, apart from shoes, another all-time popular fashion must-have for women is bags. Unlike men who need just a pocket to keep their phones and wallets, women can’t really go out like that. From keys, makeup, feminine necessities, musts, and whatnot, they gotta keep the entire world in their bags. They can’t resist falling into a trap whenever they see bags. 

“The 2023 bag trend”

Though maximalism was at the peak for the most coveted bag styles last year, this 2023, the bag trends will be more streamlined, subtle, and refined. Anyway, without stretching it any further… Let’s talk about the upcoming trends you must not miss out on in the coming year.

  1. Swanky Silver

Silver is having quite a moment, like always, especially with handbags! Indeed, not just the jewelry and footwear but even the handbags, clutches, and totes are now designed in gleaming tints. This drift of subtle glamor may be a general collective appetite or to make a head-turning look and a refined statement. Major brands are making stylish silver 2023’s tones; they are ready to lead the way with silver-centric designs and modern metallic hues bags.

Investing in such an interesting yet classy trend won’t be a regret; what say? In fact, this can easily upgrade to a more minimalistic look; a silver bag can define broadened elegance and a timeless feel. So, get one before the trend goes off; you can pull it off, with any outfit, except work wear.

  1. A Businesswomen Bag

This classic work bags series mirrored from the Mid-90s is back again, and time probably will stay longer. These boxy handbags are described as anything but maximalist, with graceful geometric shapes, and are emphasized with minimalist lines. 

Simply put, following this trend will bring that back to work; these bags will be more functional, spacious, and embellished with nothing but simplicity! With leather texture, matt finishes, and tinted mostly with solid hues; these bags can be your best companions for work days when all your hands are on deck! Boss lady, if you want to get that work-life feel, this trend is something you can carry on.

  1. The Top-Handle Handbag 

The iconic enveloped-styled top-handle handbags can be the center of attention at a formal party or on your second date. Minimalistic touch, beautiful prints, symmetric and asymmetric shapes,  and asymmetrical shapes; designers are using these ingredients to dish out the Top-handle bags. Slightly sculptural designs, woven, and some made with bamboo and wood; the vagueness for these top-handle bags, is enduring a revival! 

More like a purse, these bags are nicely polished and reflect the professional style. This season, you can expect some standout options in this category, so forget not to grab one top-handle bag so you can flaunt elegance on one fine day.

  1. The Double-Bag Trend

Call it a need or a seasonal style, but The Double-Bag Trend will be a fad soon! Just as exciting and interesting as it sounds, almost every woman on earth will pursue this. It turns out that even bags need their own bags! This wild yet thoughtful trend says why to carry one bag if you can carry two; insane, isn’t it? 

And why not, allowing you to keep all essentials in one and a few in other; this two-bag trend can be a boon for those who always want to carry extra. Hanging around each other, both bags give a functional yet chic solution to our daily errand running. If you agree with this trend, then forget not to add an extra accessory element chain or a micro bag to enhance your look. Two or more; bundling handbags style is gonna be the savviest trend of 2023.

  1. Ritzy & Subtle, yet well buckled up!

Buckle-style bags are still in vogue, and gonna stay forever! With pearls, sequins, woven, and subtle feathery details, the bags of next year are coming up with a  hint of glamor and grace. The sparkle-embellished freshwater pearls and glittery black and golden sequins shout out loud that it’s a TREND ALERT! Colorful feathers, with woven and even metals, the buckle bags twist the classic briefcase-like look. Such a shimmery piece of art will be the better mood-lifting accessory in the coming year.

Closing thoughts

It appears toned-down luxurious bags will become the fad in the coming year. Subtle yet classic, 90s bags are gonna be a thing, probably in a more lofty and less obvious way. I understand not every woman is born with a unique talent for choosing the right accessory; some are just born to flaunt! 

To add a charismatic touch to your overall look, choosing the right bag is necessary, and this guide might help you to define the 2023 bag trend! If you like this guide, please give your reviews and write about any other trends you want to learn about. I would love to bring the best to the table.🙂

What do you think?

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