A Holistic Approach to Clean Your Diamond Jewelry at Home

Cleaning Jewellery

Diamonds… Who doesn’t like them? 

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend! I mean seeing your diamond ring sparkle and dance mesmerizingly in the light is one of the most satisfying things; isn’t it? And for that, you must clean and polish it regularly. Well, be it your diamond ring necklace or earring; all the precious pieces of jewelry need care and proper cleaning. Of course, no one can afford the dullness these expensive jewel pieces undergo over time is not taken care of! 

While you can always take your diamond jewelry to professional jewelry cleaners, you must know how to clean it yourself too. The at-home regular cleaning will keep your diamond pieces clean and shining bright! In this blog, I’ll go over some simple cleaning tips for diamond jewelry with simple home ingredients so that it gleams and looks its best forever!

Do I Really Need to Clean My Diamond Jewelry?

Yes, you do have to clean it in order to keep it sparkling and all new all the time! Even though diamonds are one of the hardest natural substances, they still need care to keep them looking their best. Let’s be honest; if you don’t clean your diamond jewelry regularly, the day is not far when it’ll start to look dull and cloudy over time. 

Not being rude, but; do I even need to remind you how much you’ve spent on that piece of diamond jewelry? Now as you own it, it is your responsibility to keep it clean and take every necessary step to keep it safe. Diamonds are one of the most precious jewelry stones in the world and thus need the TLC (tender loving care) too! Below are the common reasons why you must take care of your diamond jewelry.

Keeps the shine and brilliance

Diamond is all about its shine, isn’t it? The way it shines is exactly what makes it look beautiful and the most valued piece of jewel. And if you regularly clean your every diamond jewelry, it keeps shining, and the brilliance remains intact!

Cleaning and polishing retain their value

Every piece of jewelry has a specific value for the simple fact that it contains a diamond! Thus, taking care of your diamond jewelry helps maintain its value so you can wear it and sell it with great value. In fact, retaining its value is great if you wish to make them the perfect heirlooms to pass down to the next generation in your family!

Abstain from expensive repairs and mendings

I mean, it’s obvious that without proper care and cleaning, every expensive diamond jewelry can get scrapes, blemishes, and eventually lose its glint. If not taken care of at first, you might need to take your jewelry to professional jewelers-and, needless to mention, how much it is gonna cost.

Ways to Clean Diamond Jewelry at Home

Your jewelry needs regular care and attention so that it never turns dull and undervalued. Here I am going to teach you how to clean all the grime and dirt from the deepest notches of your diamond jewelry with the ingredients available in your kitchen.



  • ¼ cup of vinegar
  • 2 tbsp baking soda
  • A plastic bowl
  • A soft brush (toothbrush)
  • Lukewarm water

Time required: 5-10 minutes 

Steps to clean the jewelry

  • Start the process by mixing all the ingredients (vinegar, baking soda, and warm water) in a plastic bowl to make a thick paste.
  • Take an old soft toothbrush and start rubbing the paste all over your diamond jewelry—Continue doing this for a few minutes but be gentle.
  • Afterward, rinse it with normal tap water and pat it dry.
  • For better results, you can soak the jewelry in vinegar for about 5 minutes before applying the paste and brushing it up. 

However, vinegar isn’t harmful to jewelry pieces, but still, keep observing (while the jewelry is in the vinegar) if there’s any negative impact on the jewelry. This process eventually turns the dull jewelry into a sparkling one and pulls away the dirt stuck in the crevices of the jewelry. 

Baking Soda


  • 2 tbsp baking soda
  • A plastic bowl
  • A soft brush (toothbrush)
  • Warm water
Time required: 5-10 minutes

Steps to clean the jewelry

  • Take baking soda (2 tbsp) in a plastic bowl and add a little water to make it into a thick paste.
  • With the help of a makeup brush or toothbrush, apply the prepared paste gently over the dull and dirty jewelry.
  • As you are done with the paste application, start scrubbing it carefully. In a few minutes, you’ll observe that the dullness diminishes, and the jewelry piece shines bright like it’s new.
  • Rinse it with plain water and repeat this procedure (if needed), but be careful not to use the paste on gemstones or pearls in the jewelry.

Alcohol: Tequila, Vodka, or Beer

Yeah, you read it right, alcohol is a good cleansing agent when it comes to jewelry cleaning. So it’s time to open up a bottle to make your jewelry “Shine bright like a diamond” (In the words of Rihanna)


  • Any alcoholic drinks (vodka, tequila, or beer)
  • A plastic bowl
  • Clean soft cloth

Time Required: 5 minutes

Steps to clean the jewelry

  • Pour some amount of alcoholic drink into a bowl—be it vodka, beer, or tequila whichever is available, and make sure you are doing this away from the fire. 
  • Now dip the clean soft cloth in the same bowl with the alcoholic drink soak it properly and start rubbing it on the jewelry gently but thoroughly.

This might surprise you but using alcoholic drinks on jewelry is indeed a good way to clean it; just dip your diamond jewelry into a vodka shot and see it gleam again just like the time it was purchased. Isn’t it great alcohol comes in handy for more things than one; you know what I mean.😉

Wrapping it up!

Besides this, you can use toothpaste, ketchup, and even tamarind paste to gently clean your jewelry if you can’t take it to professionals. I hope the ways mentioned above are going to help you clean your diamond jewelry. Do try and write in the comments. Did it work? Also, saying again, be gentle with it; it’s a precious piece of jewelry. 

Adios, and keep shining bright like your diamond!💎

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Written by Vijeta Raghav

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