10 Bollywood Celebrities and Their Luxury Cars

most expensive luxury cars

Starting off with an experiment in 1934, with a silent film Bombay talkies, Bollywood has come a long long way from where it started. Today there are families running their lineage through the industry and then there are exceptional newcomers getting introduced with every new movie. Bollywood is a globally renowned industry and that has happened only because of some of the super stars and their unmatched talent. 

The successful stars have made a huge wealth in the industry and have paved their ways to a luxury lifestyle. Their fancy car collections counsels for their success and fortune. Most of the movie stars have a collection of luxury cars which comprises at least one extravagant car. 

Let’s have a look at the classy cars and collection of some of the widely acclaimed film stars.

1.Shah Rukh Khan

A middle class boy from Delhi made his bollywood debut in 1992 with Deewana, now has become a sensation across the globe. Shah Rukh Khan hit the big time with DDLJ with his famous pose standing in the fields. Khan has appeared in more than 80 movies and has won a lot of awards for his magnificent performance. King Khan or call him King of Bollywood has the most expensive cars in bollywood.

His dreamy car collection includes 20 cars and Mercedes, Audis, BMWs, Rolls Royce makes a part of it. The most pricey car from his collection is Bugatti Veyron ( Rs. 12.00 crore)

2. Amitabh Bachchan

He was popularly known as angry young man of bollywood in the 1970s and today he has acted in around 200 movies, has hosted multiple seasons of shows, and has won national awards. Shahenshah of Bollywood has been one of the greatest actors of bollywood. 

We have come a long way since Amitabh Bachchan started his career, and there was a time when he was the only popular face in the film industry, that era in bollywood is called the ‘one man industry.‘ His movies have never gone old over the decades nor has his fondness for cars.

Big B has 25 cars parked in his mansion and Rolls Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Murcielago are few of them. But his most expensive car is Mercedes S 600 for 10.5 Crore.

Amitabh Bachchan's Rolls Royce Phantom

3. Akshay kumar

Marshall Arts enthusiast, who served as a Chef at a restaurant in Bangkok, is a Black Belt in taekwondo. A guy who gained fame over a bollywood action movie, Khiladi is a superstar in bollywood now. Akshay Kumar has acted in hundreds of movies in his career and produced blockbuster films. Kumar never limited himself to one rigid genre, he gained recognition over movies of various genres like comedy, action and romance.

Like his diverse super hit movies he has a super hit car collection. His expensive collection includes Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Range Rover Vogue and Ferrari. Rolls Royce Phantom is his most expensive car.

4. Ranveer Singh

An actor who commenced his career with a 2010 Romcom Band baja barat, is now one of the highest paid actors in the industry. Singh is widely acknowledged for his roles in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Baji Rao Mastani and Padmavat. He was widely appreciated by critics for this unparalleled performance in the movies. 

Singh has acted in movies with very unique story lines, like his choice of movies his choice for cars is also unparalleled. He owns Mercedes Maybach, Jaguar, and Lamborghini.  In his collection of luxury cars, Aston Martin is the most expensive car, the car costs 8 crores.

5. Hritik Roshan

Known for his splendid dance moves and good looks, Roshan has been claimed as the second most handsome man in the world. The actor, after working as an Assistant Director, made a debut in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. He gained fame over limited work, his Indian superhero movie series bagged him a great success. 

Hritik Roshan has an exclusive collection of 8 luxury cars, Aston Martin Rapide S, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes S500, Ferrari Modena are few of his collection. Rolls Royce Ghost Series II is the most expensive car from his collection, costing 7 crore.

6. Priyanka Nick Jonas

Widely known as Priyanka Chopra, the winner of Miss World 2000 pageant, who played the role of a troubled model in Fashion and an autistic girl in Barfi. Chopra has been widely known and appreciated for her portrayals as Kashibai, Pinky madam , Ayesha Mehra, Sweety Shekhar Bhope, Mary Kom and the list goes on. 

Chopra is a self made superstor who has gained a ground in the American film and television industry, while she still is in touch with her roots. She was casted as Alex in American show Quantico, making her the first South Asian to headline in American drama.

Chopra is not only an actor, she is a singer, an entrepreneur, social worker; her versatile personality completely justifies her versatile choice for cars.

She has a fine collection of luxury cars like BMW 7 series, BMW 5 Series, Audi Q7, Rolls Royce Ghost. Among these Rolls Royce Ghost is the most expensive car, worth 5.25 crore.

7. Mallika Sherwat

Mallika Sherwat, started her journey as an actor from advertisements and small roles and as the journey unfolded, she gained popularity for her negative role in movies. Now Sherawat, having acted in several Hollywood movies, is an international movie star, who is a women’s rights activist too. 

Sherawat has earned her way through the hardships and now is a highly appreciated actor.

She owns a very unique range of cars and is a proud owner of McLaren 720s, Lamborghini Aventador SV, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Rolls Royce Dawn. 

most expensive luxury cars

8. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood, she grew popular after her remarkable performance in New York and her splendid dance performance in many item numbers. Throughout her journey she was criticised for her poor command of Hindi, but Kaif despite the negative criticism made her way through the industry and is one of the top actors now.

Her unique car collection speaks up for her success, she owns white Land Range Rover Vogue.

9. Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor is the fourth generation of India’s oldest film fraternity, inheriting his excellent acting skills from his great grandfather Prithviraj Kapoor, Ranbir is one of the best actors in Bollywood. He has given many blockbuster films like Barfi, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Rockstar and the beast Sanju.

 Just like his remarkable movies , he is an owner of an outstanding car and bike collection. Audi R8, Range Rover Sports, Range Rover Vogue, Audi A8L, Mercedes G63 AMG are the most expensive cars from his collection.

10.Kartik Aaryan

Widely known for his breathless speech on relationships in Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Kartik Aaryan has become the crush of many women. He is new to the film industry and has already established his image as a versatile and a highly talented actor already. 

His luxury car collection advocates for his huge success, Lamborghini Urus, a luxury SUV is the latest addition to his collection. He is also the owner of Porsche Boxster, Mini Cooper S Convertible, BMW 5 Series.

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