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Glee! You gave it a thought to decorate your home! Home is a site of refuge, a place where you find peace! Wait… does your home sync with your personality? What? Not a stupid question; this is what home aesthetics says. Believe it or not, the painted walls, your sofa style, and the rugs speak a lot about you. Before you actually introduce yourself, your home, its ambiance, and how it is adored, represent you in front of the visitors, forsooth! Factuality is how you decorate your home or dwell in it becomes a part of your identity. Surprisingly, this norm is already accepted by society, that your social standing is measured in the way you dress, the way you live, and the place you live in.

Never thought that way, right?

Remember once Winston Churchill said, “We shape our homes, and then our homes shape us.” Who And what exactly are you; your lifestyle, your home decoration, and the environment you reside will decide! Anyway, the crux of the matter is your mind is cluttered with several ideas about home decor, but nothing is upfront. Wondering what all interior decor items you should buy, aren’t you? How about me suggesting you some ideas on that? Allow me, and stick to reading!

Your home is your reflection; handle with perfection!

Please keep this in mind before you actually rush into the store for home decor items. Aforementioned, your home is the extension of your opinion, attitude, and feelings. Your home’s belongings, the walls, and the flooring tells a particular story, wanna know how?

Your sofa arrangement will tell how organized are you? 

No…to speak of, but yes, the way you arrange your furniture and the interiors say a lot more about your personality! If your sofa talks to chairs, you follow the most common form of arranging furniture in your home. Likewise, I guess your bedroom’s wall syncs well with the painting you have hung over it. I can suspect that you want each belonging of your house to be organized. Your claustrophobia makes you shuffle interiors when you find them odd, doesn’t it? According to research studies, spacious homes with simple designs reflect that the residents of that space like to have things strategized and have a logical and calm personality.

The color of your walls & The color of your aura

Color is a nonverbal yet effective communication tool to express who you are and how you feel! It talks more about your actions, moods, influences, and physiological reactions. Color psychology it is!

The jewels of your home shine the way you shine!

Of course, you would love to doll up your home according to your interests! “Jewels” here I am referring to the interiors, the accessories your home is embellished with! Yes, interiors add life to the house and symbolize the personality of occupants of the home. A palace without interiors is just assembled bricks and mortar; it becomes home only when interiors come into play. No doubt, home interiors make an emotional connection! The wall designs, patterns, color, the style of curtains, and the carpets show your outlook clearly. So, make sure your purchased home decor items reflect your exact viewpoint.

Behold this home decor catalog!

Suppose you have planned to design your home or redecorate it around a specific theme. The very first thing you’ll have to do is make a list of things that come under that theme. Create a list of your favorite interests and the theme you want to reflect. To portray it in reality, you need to have all the required elements.

Designing your home thematically helps to bring a unique piece of art. Be it an online or offline store, run your eyes over the decor items which go well with your requirements and the theme. You can also make purchases to the interiors based on a specific place you love or you dream to visit in your life. Touch of nature, the warmth of the desert, or a splash of the sea, no matter what theme you choose! 

Let’s say you have the theme of a “sea” in your head. Let’s begin with…

Living room: a feast for eyes

Whether your living space is open or built in the form of a room, it is the most spacious room among all areas. Needless to say, it’s the central system of a home! Here, you step in after work, welcome your guests, and spend most of your alone or family time! In order to give a thematic expression to your living room, you’ll have to start with walls. If your living area has a big wall, you can get it painted panoramically with a landscape of the sea or a beach, whatever fancy you!

Clueing in…

“Fake it till you make it!”

Transform eyesore areas so that they won’t look odd and will sync well with the theme.

An exemplary plot: the radiators in your living area can throw off your theme’s vision. In that case, you have an option to make it part of your theme: give an illusion of a ship, waves, or a classy bridge by painting it that way.

Don’t overload; other parts of your house also need to be adored!

Go with the “Design by Room” approach; it helps decorate your home without getting things muddled up. No mandatory to overload just the living area; your bedroom, kitchen, and restroom are yet to be decorated! Moreover, if your pocket says just one room, then stick to it; you can decorate the rest of your indoor spaces a few months later. 

Choose, Consider, Curate

Choose decor elements wisely, consider the essence of your space and then curate them to bring the homely vibe! Make a list of elements that you and your family need and enjoy in the long run. The most requisite aspects should be your priority, like lightning, space dimensions, etc. Also, remember that the functionality of interiors also matters along with style.

Based on the theme (sea), you can buy lighting lamps like coastal lighthouse lamps and coastal pendant lamps made of natural rattan material. These lightning styles will surely keep the theme you plan for your home. You can also use furniture, art, and accessories embellished with seashells.

Now that you know how to explore other interior elements based on the same theme, always prefer quality over quantity, be it an online or offline store. Here’s a checklist that might help you remember what all basic home decor you need:

  • Flooring (tiles, rugs, doormats, and carpets)
  • Tables and Ottoman
  • Baskets and Bins
  • Books and Magazine Holders 
  • Glassware, Vases, and Pots
  • Kitchen essentials (Crockery and cutlery)
  • Candles and Candle Holders
  • Natural elements such as flowers, seashells, twigs, and pine cones
  • Paintings, Posters, Mirrors, art, and photos
  • Pillows, Curtains, Cushions, and Throws
  • Garden essentials (Birdcages and other hanging decors)

If not sea, you got other themes while designing your home: Minimalist Musings. Mid Century Modern, Industrial Edge, Hollywood Glam, Contemporary, Classical Reflections, Classical Reflections, Rustic Meandering, Retro.

And one of the most important is Experimental theme,” you know what I mean! So, feel free to make your home into something your heart says. Keep decorating, keep experimenting… Happy Home!

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Written by Anjali Rajput

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