What are the Right Ways to Deal With Life After Divorce?

life after divorce

I want a Divorce!

It is a phrase that can leave one devastated, confused and financially strapped.

A divorce can be mutual or imposed, situational or needed; anyway, it is a lot for a person to take in one go. One’s world turns upside down when they try to process the entire scenario, and they sit there confused with questions hovering in their minds. Questions like, where did things go wrong and if it was something they did? The culprit mentality may overpower their mind and shatter their other familial relationships.

It doesn’t matter how much you plan or what level of understanding you have; parting your ways will negatively impact your family and children. Apart from family, parting ways can wreck your emotional and mental state. 

Everyone talks only about the financial setbacks of a divorce and not about the emotional traumas. Thus, this lesser talked issue tops the list of how you can fix the situation. Moreover, even the name suggests that this write up is about dealing with divorce in the right ways.

Mentioned below are some suggestions:

To stabilise mental and emotional health

Start with Journaling

For starters, how about a gratitude journal, where you write five things you are grateful for at the end of the day! This may sound cliche but forcing yourself to look for five things in your day that you can be thankful for can bring positivity to your mundane days. 

Or otherwise, your journal can be your best friend when you need a shoulder to lay. You can write down how you feel, and this little exercise will help you come to terms with your reality. Acknowledging what has happened will help you move forward in your life by helping you get over the denial you may be living in.

Talk about it

They say the more you talk, the easier you come to acceptance with the clutter and clearer you see the situation. Talking can lift the burden off your heart. 

You can talk to anyone you feel comfortable with, a friend, a family member, a colleague or anyone.

meditation- a great way to release stress


Meditation has become widely popular and is a great way to release stress and achieve mindfulness. Meditation will shield your mental health against the ups and downs. A ten-minute meditation session can help you curb your anxiety and panic attacks.

Take time off

If you can afford to take time off from work, then give yourself a break and contemplate what has happened. Or else try taking out some me-time from your day to get over the scars of the abusive relationship you had. This can have effects equivalent to therapy.

See a therapist

If your budget allows, seeing a therapist would be a great idea. A therapist will help you make sense of many things and have your thoughts served on a platter.

Try sticking to a routine

A simple and flexible routine can be a game-changer, where you have a to-do list to follow and know what is coming next. Having a predictable routine will help you gain control over your day and you may feel that you are the boss again.

Don’t hesitate

One important lesson is to prioritise yourself and listen to your heart. After divorce, you should not hesitate to ask for help from a friend, family or anyone. Don’t hesitate to stand up for yourself and raise your voice if necessary.

dealing with divorce

Moneywise stability

The financial setbacks due to separation can leave you in a miserable state, not knowing what to do next. And if one was financially dependent, the split can put them in a situation where they may have to do odd jobs to make ends meet. 

Usually, women are the dependent individuals in a partnership.

The below mentioned suggestions may be of a bit of help.

Start investing

If you had a collaborative investment plan with your partner, you should start investing for your benefit now. Considering your future before choosing an investment plan, you can consult someone familiar with the whole gig and invest wisely.

What do you think?

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