An outlook to transform your “House” into “Home”

house decor can transform your house into home

Be it a compact apartment, a small cottage, a dorm, or a large mansion, it can never become a home as far as we actually make it one. Yes, you might find it stupid but, your house can never be home until you give it a personal touch. Undoubtedly, people who live in space make it home, but the place can be homely only if it has the “homey vibe.” A home is what you make, decorate, nourish and then redecorate it! And that’s when home decoration plays a vital role in keeping the walls of your home full of life. No matter how big or small your house is—everyone has that one sad yet lively blank wall that begs to be adorned. Am I right?

Five elements of a Home

Believe it or not, home decor is a lot more than just having a pretty space! “Panchamahabhutas” you might have heard of these (earth, water, fire, air, and space) are the “Five Elements of Nature.” Likewise, human beings feel their environments in five ways! Or we can say, It takes five basic elements to make a home, and they have a significant impact on the way you relate to your surroundings. We all living creatures, especially humans, experience our environments in five interrelated ways:

Senses: through sight, hearing, touch, and smell

Probably the very first way we engage our home is through senses. Believe it or not, “sensory engagement” is the primary way to make it feel more like home. Eyes look for Patterns, colors, lighting, and spatial arrangement, and if they all are appealing, you’ll feel the space more homely. Your home’s aromatic ambiance can be created with flowers, candles, or other fragrances, and that’s how your nose feels comfortable to a specific odor. By touching the textures and other assets of your home, you can find it pleasing, isn’t it? And, of course, the sound ambience( musical, conversation, and even silence) makes a big difference if it syncs well with your mood!

Time and movement: through space

Marshall Arts enthusiast, who served as a Chef at a restaurant in Bangkok, is a Black Belt in taekwondo. A guy who gained fame over a bollywood actioJust picture this… The floor with antique furniture, walls painted in solids and embellished with nouveau posters, doesn’t it sound like a colorful and relaxed space? This is something like your living space steeped in antiques adorned with those deep backstories and generations of love! Movement patterns and the distance between furniture go a long way toward making a cozy and heartfelt space.n movie, Khiladi is a superstar in bollywood now. Akshay Kumar has acted in hundreds of movies in his career and produced blockbuster films. Kumar never limited himself to one rigid genre, he gained recognition over movies of various genres like comedy, action and romance.

Like his diverse super hit movies he has a super hit car collection. His expensive collection includes Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Range Rover Vogue and Ferrari. Rolls Royce Phantom is his most expensive car.

Mental Approaches: by memorizing, reasoning, and imagination

Y’know, even the smallest object in your home furnishing holds a sort of mental association. Memory is the most prevalent reason we choose while furnishing the home! Grandmother’s handmade slipcovers, an old table from one’s parents, old photographs, and souvenirs from your trips are good cases in point. Our lives are overwhelmed with memories, and our home becomes a museum of comfort, where all memories can be kept and cherished. Reasons come into play when you decide on layouts and organize your home’s belongings. It creates an invisible sense of a comfortable backdrop that eventually ensures your home’s functionality. And then comes imagination that keeps your home stimulated, creative and inspired.

Emotions: through colors, light, and the mood of your space

All too often, colors and emotions exist parallelly! You might not realize, but colors have subtle power, which plays a part in nonverbal communication. “Color psychology” exists; it really does! The walls of most of the restaurants are dark red because it increases the appetite! And why most of the bedroom has green and yellow because green imposes relaxation and yellow makes the room look bigger! Colors can make us feel happy and sad and can make us feel hungry or relaxed. Colors evoke emotions, and color physiology exists for a reason!

decorate your home

Anticipation & expectation: out of your comfort zone

You want things to be exactly as they seem or as they should be, right? Of course, there lies a comfort when you meet your expectations. Our entire world is filled with unrelenting anxiety, and keeping all the muddled-up assets out of your house ensures that it’s your home, your heaven… But sometimes, you may want to shake things up a bit; I mean, why do you have to keep spoons in the drawer every time? You can keep them in vintage coffee canisters! 

Just imagine, while revamping your home’s walls, you gave a thought to select a color that’s one notch beyond your comfort zone. What if unexpectedly that will give your room that “wow” upshot that you’ve been missing until now! Astonished, aren’t you? Feel free to play with color patterns, mix up your furnishings, put weird posters on the wall, and shuffle things around. A sort of adventure might give your home a significantly different drift; who knows!

Do weigh up these five elements together right after you give a thought a make a home, I mean home decor!

Well, summing up things… Not really! Without taking you on board to my corridor of “home aesthetics,” it would be so mean! So, here you go with a few DIY home decor tips.

DIY home decor tips

Thematic DIY: "What say you?"

You don’t find your home that appealing, do you? OR I guess you might have shifted lately to a new apartment and are looking for some DIY under your budget. Whatsoever, themed decor elements will surely bring to your space that lively effervescence you were missing out on so far. So, wake the DIYer in you up!


Think about how exactly you want your home to be, have any theme in your mind? Any specific picture you were drawing in your head lately, write or draw it all on paper. It might sound stupid, but this really helps. At least you’ll get an idea or a blueprint of your upcoming home aesthetic.

Kitchen, bedroom, porch, or bathroom?

Make a note which all parts of your house need a touchup. Changing every part/area of your home is not mandatory unless you want that, plus if your pocket allows it! 

Prefer what you love!

Do you know the walls you decorate yourself say a lot about your lifestyle, personality, and likings? Make sure all assets and belongings of your home reflect you and your interests. Give your imagination a shape, paint the walls with your dreams, and make it magical! It’s going to be your home; you are the one who’s going to dwell in it, so choose what you like!

What do you fancy: gather them all!

Modern or traditional, the choice is yours! Want old traditional farmhouse lamps or modern ceiling lights, Your love for antiques might help to create a cozy vibe, and your affection for modern color schemes will let your imaginations thrive! 

Take your time, make and retake!

Come on, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your space shouldn’t be either! Don’t rush, work in levels, make a list; bedroom day, porch day, which day is today, cover everything this way! And if by any chance things go wrong, you can make them right, as simple as that.

You need a change, so do your home, uplift your home’s vibe and let the plants thrive! 

Stop scrolling down; start right now!

What do you think?

Written by Shivam Pal

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