Top Benefits of Adding Vitamin D to Your Skincare Routine

how to get vitamin d for your skincare routine

A perfect amount of vitamins makes our body healthy and balanced. Skin, hair, and the internal system all are connected to get the benefits. One of the essential vitamins is “Sunshine Vitamin.” It is another name for vitamin D. Like others, it has its role to help our skeleton function properly.

Today, we will tell you about the skincare benefits of vitamin D. People are getting aware of adding it to their daily meals to be healthy. Maintaining it in our body will provide nourished hair and skin.  

To provide you with the overall picture of the advantages of vitamin D, we will start from the signs of deficiency to the value in skincare and the rich resources to get this vital unit.


The symptoms due to vitamin D deficiency in our bodies are listed below. Have a glance at these and be alert:

Muscle pain

If there are constant aches and pains in the muscles that are not getting any relief for a long time could be because of vitamin D deficiency. Take it and try to manage the levels. It may help to keep the unwanted muscle pains away.

Sweat excessively

Sweating happens when the temperature is high. But suppose we sweat even when it is not the condition around. In that case, it may be a signal to identify the low vitamin D. The solution to this is to consult the expert about this and check whether it is not the deficiency of the sunshine vitamin.


Many people feel tired even after getting complete rest and cannot perform their daily tasks. This lack of energy may be telling us that we need the vitamin D dosage to work with vitality.

More hair fall than usual

Unhealthy hair is also the result of a body lacking “sunshine vitamin.” To nourish the hair and scalp, we must add it to our diet and see its benefits. 

Above are a few symptoms because of the low amount of vitamin D in our body. If we feel any of these, we need to consult the doctor first and confirm it.

vitamin d benefits for your skin


Melanin is a pigment that helps color our skin, hair, and eyes. People with dark skin have more melanin than those with lighter skin. Melanin protects us from the harmful UV radiation from the Sun.

Melanin also affects vitamin D synthesis in our bodies. When we sunbathe, the cholesterol in our bodies turns into vitamin D. It gets transformed when it moves to the liver and kidneys. Hence, melanin and vitamin D are connected.


The skin needs the nourishment it deserves. We should provide all the valuable nutrients it wants from us. Vitamin D is one of the most important foods that helps maintain healthy skin

Many beauty products use “Sunshine Vitamin” to enhance the beauty and glow of the skin. Applying these cosmetics can help us in fighting skin problems. Some are below:

Skin Pigmentation:

People with hyperpigmentation problems may face dark patches in their face, arms, or any other part of the body that meets skin exposure and inflammation. The melanin starts to produce in both cases, leaving the dark spots and areas on our body that take time to go away.

Vitamin D extracts are present in many products, saving you from the significant effects of skin pigmentation.

Skin rejuvenation (anti-aging):

Skin rejuvenation becomes easy with products rich in antioxidants and vitamin D. It helps fight the signs of aging and other damages of the skin caused due to health conditions or more exposure to the Sun.

Immunity of the skin:

Vitamin D’s effects on the cells in the immune system are essential for our body. It improves the production of immune cells of microbe-fighting proteins. It helps increase our skin’s immunity and helps reduce many factors that can be harmful.


We can see some skin problems that can hurt us and not get repaired fast. We are listing the three main issues that are common to see.

Psoriasis: a skin issue that includes red and itchy patches, mainly on the scalp, trunk, elbows, and knees.

Atopic dermatitis(Eczema): involves the red itchy areas, inflammation, and xeroderma on the skin.

Ichthyosis: comes from genetic skin disorders that show scaly, thick, dry skin.

vitamin d rich foods


Some vitamin D problems and their answers were above, but the main point is still not discussed. It is the kind of way that helps us get the portion of vitamin D our body needs. We can take it by eating or with the help of our skin. Let us know a little more about it.

Through skin:

We read before about this process. We can sit under the Sun and let the sun rays convert cholesterol in our bodies into vitamin D. It is the easiest way to balance it inside. But the people with dark complexions need to sit more than people with lighter skin because of the high melanin.

From diet:

Another easy and natural way is by adding food rich in vitamin D into the daily meals. We can differentiate the food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The non-veg meals rich in vitamin D are egg-yolks, tuna, fatty fish, and salmon. Add these to make a balanced diet and see the good results with time.

The vegetarian diet should include cheese and fortified foods like cow’s milk, yogurt, tofu, etc.

Taking supplements:

If we can not do both the above options, switching to supplements is the best option. But first, consult the expert and then start taking it.


We all should focus on being as healthy as possible. It helps us in fighting all the diseases and significant health problems. Vitamin D is an essential thing that our body should maintain. At an early stage of life, we do not care about it. But with time, its deficiency takes over our body slowly.

So, without any delay in maintaining vitamin D levels, make a schedule to take the sunshine daily for around 30 minutes, and eat vitamin D-rich foods. Accept it; we all are not getting any younger. If we keep it healthy now, the body will thank us in our old days.

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Written by Vijeta Raghav

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