WFH: Doesn’t mean skipping your skincare regime!

It’s been more than three years since the Covid outbreak, ever since you have been working from home. Needless to ask, you follow the same pandemic fashion just like others do, don’t you? The very pandemic fashion with “Professional Waist-Up” look that has literally become a new normal… A dress code for WFH!😀You found your comfort in your formals and halted other daily routines like bathing, eating habits, and especially our beauty regime! Obviously, staying home made us all sluggish; who will get up and do the entire skincare routine?

Don’t ignore; it's Time for Skin Adore!

You might have skipped your beauty routine, considering why you need it! As you aren’t even stepping out, no exposure to the sun, no pollution! This might surprise you, but staying inside also makes your skin dull until you actually give your skin a treat! Of course, you haven’t exfoliated your skin for weeks, and wait, did you stop wearing SPF? Your silence seems a big NO… You have also stopped using your sunscreens, too, don’t tell us! Well, “it’s never too late.” Come on; we know you are here to learn about skin care while WFH! I have brought you some factual information about skincare regimes to keep your skin healthy and flawless.

But I am working from home, so how is my skin getting exposed to pollution? Why is it still dull?

Good way to justify! What’s the point of skincare regime if you are not expose to external environment… But no, that’s not the case here! Let’s accept it; it’s a bit challenging to follow the proper skincare routine, isn’t it? You ignore your daily skincare because video conferences can now work without turning the cameras on! But it has been observed many have been dealing with skin woes since lockdown and WFH effectuated. Many complain that their complexion has started to change, and they face more face pigmentation.

WFH might be helping you but not your skin!

Yes, it’s true; if you have completely stopped caring about your skin, you must restart ASAP! Let’s not stretch this with traumatic lines. Frankly, i am trying to talk about how exactly your skin gets worst in work from home! You get up a few minutes before work starts and get your laptop right away;not a secret anymore! Instead of the sun, the screen is the first light your face is exposed to, sad!

Toasting bread while having a meeting, eating while working, and then cooking… Meeting up deadlines and that’s how you are winning the crown of a juggler. You need to know; your entire WFH routine can give your skin an inferiority complex. Your skincare takes a back seat and then consequently get skin concerns like:

Dry Skin

Come on, now accept that the air inside is dry and filthy, and the root cause is your HVAC system. Yes, the entire heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is the respiratory system of your home. Whatever HVAC brings in, that’s what exactly you and your skin breathe ultimately. And according to many research findings, it has been depicted that staying indoors for a long time, exposes us to the air which is uncirculated, i.e., dirty and contains pollutants that make our skin dry; very dry! This dryness usually leads to the upper (protective layer) disruption and results in red and flaky skin.


Lately, you’ve been looking in the mirror and pondering, hmm… 

Why does my skin look duller than usual? Wait, what, a zit, when did I start getting these weird zits? Well, you’re not alone; every other person is probably asking these questions right now in front of their mirror! The dryer the indoor condition, the more likely your skin will produce sebum, and eventually, your skin will suffer clogged pores and breakouts and, of course, acne with a lot more dullness!

Wrinkles and Hyperpigmentation

WFH means, Of course, you don’t have to rush to work, step out in the sun, and hence no traces of tanning and UV rays. Perhaps, what about your screen time? You might have heard of “Blue Light Damage” if you ever used night mode on your phone or laptop screen. Also addressed as HEV (high energy visible), the blue light, i.e., basically produced by your gadgets and electronic devices from the sun.

And you don’t want to know, but these are more likely to cause damage to our skin cells. Staring at screens for hours (9 to 5) leads to a collagen supply crash. Eventually, you’ll get to premature aging with wrinkles and saggy skin signs due to maximum screen time. Blue light basically acts as a slow poison as it gives you insomnia too. And it is as clear as crystal that “Beauty Sleep” is a real thing!

So should I resign?

No, give your skin a treat of Time!

Believe it or not, your skin needs a lot more than makeup and filters! You need some time to spare; you need extensive skincare! Here are a few easy skincare tips you can follow to bring your “lockdown skin” on track:

No bath but do "face wash."

Of course, after getting up from your bed, oily face needs to be washed away to freshen up your day! It’s totally fine to skip baths once in a while in WFH.😉 But make sure to wash your face before opening your laptop.

Sun Screen for Lap Screen!

You might be keeping your SPF sunscreen for brighter days ahead (post lockdown) but wearing SPF can shield your face from “Blue Light Damage.” So, right after washing and drying your face, layer it up with ultra light sunscreen.

No-makeup Zoom calls!

Thankfully, camera-off options give you the privilege to attend office meetings without touch up. In fact, you can attend your meeting while wearing a hydration mask! And if your client is still a big fan of Facetime Calls, thanks to the no-makeup look. You only need SPF and a few drops of face serum, and a tinted lip balm. You are good to go for a client meeting! No extra layers of makeup, skin stays hydrated, happy skin, happy client; it’s a win-win!

Mid-day snooze: but don't let your boss know about it!

It’s WFH; who doesn’t want to curl up in bed with a laptop? Slowly sliding way down to your propped-up pillows, closing eyes, and Zzz… This might sound illicit, but catching some Zs might help you relax your eyes and skin cells as well.


Do it as discreetly and respectfully as possible and do it at your own risk!

Above mentioned skincare tips are easy to follow, so it won’t be hard for you to follow them! Eat healthy! Drink plenty of water, make a lockdown playlist and let WFH win the skin game!

What do you think?

Written by Shivam Pal

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