A Guide To Click Your Newborn’s Pictures At Home

Reminiscing the old baby’s newborn days, many mommies find those days blurry! Understandably, recovering from childbirth and caring for the baby; being a Mumma, it’s not easy. But precious little details–tiny toes, pink nose, wrinkly skin, heart-melting yawns, and cute little hands, which mother doesn’t want to frame? And that’s why many parents try to celebrate or schedule a newborn photoshoot. However, hiring a professional newborn photographer is not always necessary; you can do it yourself. Yes, DIYing (Do-it-yourself) always works when it comes to click professional pictures of your little one at home.

The right age to take photographs

In the gale months right after welcoming that little life into this world, it could be tough to think about anything except nappies, sleep, and milk! But glad you have decided to make those whirlwind months memorable by choosing a baby photoshoot. But the crux of the matter is you must consider many things. And one of those is the “timing” of capturing these precious moments. 

Of course, it matters a lot to click pictures at the right age of your baby. There are a plethora of milestones you and your baby have to cover together in the first few months. It depends on whether you want to capture those moments or wait until your little one starts smiling, sitting, or walking with cute little feet. So here’s the briefing about different ages for different pictures.

The Birth: Welcoming A Life To The World!

If you want to capture the very moment of your child stepping out of your belly after 9 months and fulfilling your wish to be parents, that is the right time to click. However, it is advised not to use sharp flashes right after childbirth that might harm the baby’s eyes. Apparently, the pupillary reaction in newborn babies is not well developed, making bright light a bit harmful to the eyes. You can capture those cute little moments without flash and clicking sounds.

Being a  father, you must capture those evasive first attempts at a yawn, cry, smile, or the milk-drunk sleep of your beautifully elated baby. Try composing a frame of Mumma looking at the baby and seeing what you both have brought into the world.

12-16 Weeks: The First Smile

The age between these weeks is lovely; your baby is still tiny but with expressions and personality. You can simply capture those cute little chaotic smiles and mesmerizing sparkles in your baby’s eyes. However, it would be best to bear the patient holding a camera as most babies snooze at this age. You can shoot while they are sleeping; you only need a few props and ideas (we’ll discuss them later). You can take beautiful monochromatic pictures to make them timeless: your baby will be proud to share them later in their teenage years. 

Real moments and natural expressions make you smile and laugh at the same time. You’ll capture not only your baby but also joy, moments, happiness, and beautiful memories for the future.

6 – 8 Months: A Bit Of Toddling, Cuddling & Sitting

You know what? This age brings many photographic opportunities; capture the moment once your baby sits up! With pulpy limbs and glorious baby snuggles, your little one is still an adorable “baby,” making priceless moments! Most professional photographers prefer exactly this age to do a baby photoshoot.

You can do indoors and outdoors with different themes based on scenarios. Splashing in the bath, playing with duckies in water, rolling on your bed, and not leaving their favorite toy even in sleep! Take natural photo sessions with the baby, and capture all their favorite things they do.

And then…

One year completion; Happy birthday!

Hey, it’s been 12 months of those tiny toes, cushy faces, and petal-like pouty lips; capturing those fleeting, squooshy moments is something you can adore forever. This age is worth capturing as your little one will soon be an active toddler, keeping you on your toes as they start racing around. 

Try taking the moment of laughter together, having fun, cake smashes, and of course, a balloon that says, “I am one!” Always keep the composition random with the regular toys around your baby. Capture when they start trudging, tottering, and taking hesitant first steps. If it’s your second child, you can tackle fun siblings pictures as it is safe if your elder one can hold the younger one.

Where to shoot?

Along with considering the right age, you must be mindful of location!  So without any further ado, here are a few ideas to make the frame better with the ideal location.

Start with…

Overhead pictures

Spread a blanket on the floor or over where there’s ample natural light. When choosing blanket colors and designs, always prefer; pastels or patterns like stars, rainbows, or sompe polka dots. Make sure the light falls on the top of the baby’s head, change poses, and there you go with perfect overhead pics!

Tucked in comfort

These pictures always make you feel like you keep looking at that innocence, big eyes, and pinky lips. Tuck the blanket under thor chin and let the light falling from the window do the magic.

On the cradle

A cradle or crib is the insignia of a baby photoshoot, so never forget to make innovative shots with a cradle. Take it from different angles, experiment with every corner, and take a few shots through the crib slats. Also, taking a shot where one parent is leaning over the crib, hand on the baby, or trying to grab the baby is the most, do click such emotional shots. 

In dad’s hand & mum’s lap

Pictures of your baby with your parents always make it a bit emotional but the best memories. Try every candid shot to show your little one that they are the favorite and will remain forever.

Candids with siblings

If you have an elder son or daughter, you can make cute sibling chemistry here, but do it secretly. This will help you get some natural moments of brother and sister together. In case your elder one isn’t ready to hold the younger one, you can try having them sit or rest next to the baby and let them interact. You can give them some prompts like “check how the baby’s hair smells” and “if the nose is cold.” You can imagine what kind of shots you’ll get here!

A family picture is a must!

Using a tripod or some stable stand, you can keep the camera on a timer and choose a bed or couch to sit on! And from there, you can get some precious family photographs to frame on the wall of your living room.

Some quick tips for the baby pics!

Safety first: Make sure your baby is safe while shooting anywhere, anytime, and nothing is harming his skin and eyes especially. Make sure it’s not too cold, and keep the room warm.

Equipment: No matter if you don’t have a DSLR, you can use your phone in portrait mode to get some yummy background blur. But you can work on enhancement and editing; give some after effects, and polish the dull shots. 

Light: It would be great to use natural light instead of flash! 


Imperfect is always ok: Tale every single detailed close-up; sleep feet, lips, fingers, pouts; you’re gonna love them. Keep clicking!

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