Signs Someone Has a Secret Crush On You

signs someone has a crush on you

It is no secret that most of us ask ourselves, does someone have a crush on me? Indeed, it is hard to tell whether someone is just a good friend or if they have a romantic interest in you. Honestly, some people are innately loving towards others, sometimes making it appear like they have a romantic interest. This is where we all fall into chaos, isn’t so? This situation literally makes it tough to determine what they really feel about you. On top of that, the situation becomes crazier and topsy-turvy when you really like someone but can not figure out if they feel the same for you.Well, honey, if you are wondering how exactly to find out if someone has a crush on you, I can help you! Yeah, I can; ahem, been there, done that! 🤭But first learn…

Why do they hide their feelings?

Of course, we all want things to be told right to our faces, but for a second, keep yourself in their shoes and think if you can do that. Can you tell someone how you feel about them without caring about the upcoming storm? This is more like shooting an arrow in the air, right? 

See, nearly everyone hides their feelings and emotions from time to time. Be it the fear of getting hurt or lack of confidence; people put lots of effort into hiding their feelings rather than revealing them. Let’s face it, the world of romance, love, and dating is far away from the ideal planet we live on! In reality, the fear of rejection or getting hurt makes us mask Your Emotions and the extent of our feelings. People often hide feelings to protect relationships, and probably the one who is crushing really hard on you is doing the same! 

We often sense it when someone is extra sweet on us, don’t we? Even though they won’t tell us directly, many intuitive clues are still given out. You may also often get psychic messages that show somebody is thinking of you and has a crush on you. These gestures may be more challenging to clarify and need a logical explanation. Anyway, without stretching it more, let’s find out who’s smitten by you before they actually lose interest in you; just kidding.😉

signs of secret crush

You sense it... Intuition your gut feeling!

However, this may be tricky to ease down scientifically, but most people will tell you that they experience this; even i have sensed it most of the time! That sudden insight arises spontaneously, without any conscious logic; there are things in life we feel we know the motive even if we don’t have tangible proof.

It could be something you can’t entirely put your finger on, but you get a vibe that feelings are baking up the other side. In science speak, this person is transmitting so many different vibrant signals to you; probably, your conscious mind is picking only some of them. This is known as a heuristic; put simply, a mental shortcut that lets individuals make judgments quickly and precisely!

Their body language and behavior

Apparently, they act differently around you, even after trying their best not to! That subtle smile recreating on their lips, sometimes gentle brush of their hand against yours, the sneaky glances they send your way. Many of us wonder what it might imply; their behavior, how they are with you and the rest of the world, says it all! Here are the expected behaviors you might observe if they are into you;

Ginormous Smile Always!

They smile, and you notice it, trust me, it’s worth a second glance! If the smile encompasses their entire face, lighting up their eyes, they are in a romantic infatuation with you! Pay attention; this requires close attention; sometimes smiling can be involuntary when there’s genuine happiness about seeing someone.

how to check if someone has crush on you

They eye you all the time

Straight-up eye contact than regular contact indicates they have a crush on you. They will gaze at you whenever they can stand close to you. Typically, the eyes will wander around the space, but if it feels like they can’t take their eyes off you, they might be crushing over you.

Besides this, there are some subtle body language signs they reflect;

  • Lean towards you when you’re around
  • They first initiate the talk work
  • Gets jealous but tries their best not to express the anger
  • Be it in person or on social media; they always want to continue the conversation 
  • Smiling and nodding when you talk
  • Fixes their hair and outfits around you (conscious about their looks)
  • Raising eyebrows while talking (depicts intrigue)
  • Can’t take their eyes off especially when you smile
  • They’ll make a move to be near you, even if they’re not talking to you

How available are they for you?

They really like you if they’ll find time to be there for you in your ups and downs. See, if they make themselves available to you as much as possible, you are their main priority. If someone has a crush on you, they do not just squeeze you in between other things; they keep you at the top of their list. Giving someone the whole time means they really want to be with you and see you smiling, talking, and sharing things. 

Whether you talk intelligently or silly, they will always listen to you without a single yawn! Not just this, when you are in trouble and drop a message, they’ll be the first to help you if it’s possible and you allow. They’ll always find time for you, no matter what.

They'll observe every small detail

Of course, from the first day only, they will remember every detail about you; from your birthday to your favorite color, you ask them, and they’ll answer. Try it; they won’t disappoint you! Eh… i don’t know if they make notes or what!😁

If they compliment you when you get a trim, then it’s that feeling that probably no other friend of yours has for you. Indeed, they notice enough to comment on a slight change in your looks; some feelings are growing outside of just friendship.

Well, you are lucky if,

There’s one falling for you!

If someone in your life is discreetly crushing on you, but you are not sure, these signs might help you know. There’s no other way to know if someone likes you unless they come out and say it. After all, who wants to humiliate themselves by jumping straight to consequences and misrepresenting their actions? 

And even after observing these signs, you feel muddled, be savage and ask directly if they like you more than a friend, more or less; they’ll probably turn beet red and deny it! So, have you caught someone showing these gestures lately? Please write to us and let us know which specific sign made you realize they have a feeling for you.!

What do you think?

Written by Anjali Rajput

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